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Electra X Rear Brake

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Electra X Rear Brake
Started at 07:08pm on the 12th November, 2017 by Kentish Man
Kentish Man Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Treated myself to a 2007 Royal Enfield Electra X last week, 7000 Miles. What a crackin' little bike! Rode it home 140 miles,at 65/70 mph mainly A roads, it did not miss a beat. The back brake, just did not work. Next day stripped out the rear wheel/brake hub, as expected from the "feel" of the pedal, Both springs were broke, and the shoes were glazed. I am lucky enough to have a 1963 Royal Enfield Clipper 250, and that also has a 6" rear Brake (which I can lock the wheel). So looking in my spares (quality street tin) I found some genuine RE springs, these are much Thicker than the Electra indian ones. removed the glaze of the shoes, and reassembled the wheel/brake hub. Been out today, and the brake is very poor, This maybe due to lost motion with the crossover mechanism. Any ideas on how to improve this Brake effiency? I am tempted to convert to r/h gear change to fall in line with my 250.
Posted: 07:08pm 12th November, 2017
Paulk Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Posted: 08:54am 13th November, 2017
Tim NZ Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Set the brake up as per Manual. So long as your linings are not damaged, burnt or full of oil/grease, you should be able to lock the rear wheel on demand.
Posted: 07:02pm 13th November, 2017
PeteF Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Check cam spindle is free to float. They get painted up in the factory. this transformed mine.
Posted: 07:33pm 13th November, 2017
binary Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Posted: 09:03pm 13th November, 2017
Kentish Man Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Hi all, Thanks for the replies and advice, Have some new brakeshoes ordered from our hosts, with English brake material. Will fit these as well as the repair ( I don't see it as a modification, just reassembling to how it should have been from the factory). looking for a progressive pedal with plenty of feel.
Posted: 08:40pm 14th November, 2017
ericpode Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Watched the youtube video. Aha thinks I; perhaps I can improve my own very poor Electra brake. Yes the cam bush was locked up. Re-assembled ensuring it can float. Took care to put brake shoes back same way,(from the slight wear I could see that both had been contacting the drum OK.) So what was the result? From a pretty poor brake I now have one that has barely any perceptible retarding effect. What can I have possibly done wrong?
Posted: 04:32pm 16th November, 2017
Jojje Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Brake itself is fine but the movement gets spongy on the way to the rear hub. Longer brake arm helps a bit.
Posted: 07:18pm 16th November, 2017
binary Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
I have an early 1964 RE and after doing what it said in the youtube video I can lock my back brake up if I press it really hard. Just an average push will slow the motorcycle down really fast. My back brake was no good at all before I made the changes and after it is the perfect brake. Just wish my single leading shoe 6" front brake was as good.
Posted: 08:25pm 16th November, 2017
Chris [Stockport] Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
I wonder if it'll improve after "running in" a bit? A few miles to bed in / take on the profile? Then re-adjust.
Posted: 10:48am 17th November, 2017
ericpode Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
It may bed in a bit Chris but meanwhile I would be riding about with front brake only. So I have decided to overcome this somehow. Ordered improved lined shoes and a longer brake arm from our hosts. Removed unwanted pillion footrest and now have a straight brake rod. Let's see how that performs next week
Posted: 04:25pm 17th November, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Just remember it'll fail the MOT if it has dual seat but no pillion footrests.
Posted: 05:40pm 17th November, 2017
ericpode Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Hadn't thought of that. No matter, it has a single seat and will be keeping it. I would be interested to hear from other Electra X owners if they have the same problem I had: the lug welded on the frame to carry the brake pedal backstop adjusting bolt stuck out so far that the brake rod had to be bent to go over the lug as well as the footrest mount. In order to use a straight rod I have had to saw that lug off as well as remove the footrest. Now made up my own much neater backstop.
Posted: 10:10pm 17th November, 2017
ericpode Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Well, parts arrived from Mr. H in record time as usual, fitted this pm. Result: after attending to the aforementioned four mods I now have a brake that works. Not wonderful, but to my mind adequate for the performance and my riding style.
Posted: 02:50pm 18th November, 2017
Kentish Man Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
Hi, just to recap: 1) Replaced broken springs with used genuine English parts (much thicker). 2) Replaced original shoes with English bonded parts from our hosts. 3) Cam bush now floating. 4) Replaced brake arm with longer EFI part from our hosts. 5) Moved brake arm round on spline, so as arm and rod are 90 degrees with brake on. 6) Brake side pillion foot rest temporarily removed to observe brake rod possibly fouling. Took bike for a 40 mile test run into London yesterday. Brake is better, but still cannot lock wheel (I can on my 1963 RE 250 Clipper!). I think the next step is to centralise the brake shoes (with brake on) and mark position of now floating cam bush, disassemble hub and fully tighten. Also, inspect brake shoes, springs etc. So same set up as ericpode apart from 5) above with similar results. Has anyone converted their Electra X to right foot gear change? If so, with new pedal on left, did it improve the rear brake?
Posted: 08:50pm 20th November, 2017
Ian mc Subject: Electra X Rear Brake
When I bought my electra X the first thing I did was the longer brake arm which improved things, so over the winter uk lined brake shoes will be tried, will be interested to see if the change in gear lever to the rhs improves the brake, you would have thought it would good luck.
Posted: 01:29pm 28th November, 2017

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