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WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---

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WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
Started at 11:28pm on the 1st December, 2017 by Alan R
Alan R Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
Hi guys------ just thought you might like to see a 100year old U-Boat Diesel engine start up and run ??----Two per boat and so very cramped and noisy for the Engine Room crew..........

Posted: 11:28pm 1st December, 2017
binary Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
That was brilliant. I went on a submarine once when it was in port. People could go and look at it and for a fee could walk through it. We went in down a hatch at the front and came out of a hatch at the rear. This was the HMAS Oxley and was part of the Australian navy.It was built in Scotland and commissioned on the 23.01.1967. I went on board in 1975. When I walked through I all I could smell was diesel. Diesel smells pervaded every single area. It was like being inside an empty diesel delivery tank. The engines looked very similar to the engine in the video with one on each side of the engine room. There was a small galley for cooking the meals and one thing that I remember was that there was a cockroach sitting on a valve near the galley entrance. He stood there just waving his antennae at every body as they trooped past. Another thing that I noticed was that you can not look out of the hull. The sailors just had to hope that the boffins navigating the thing across the oceans knew what they were doing. It is a strange feeling not being able to get out of something like this or see where you are going. Not my cup of tea at all. Any way I could not be a sailor on a submarine. The Oxley was decommissioned on the 13.02.1992. She was an Oberon class of submarine with 9 officers and 56 sailors. It was made in Britain and so it was a proper submarine. We tried to build our own Collins class submarines here in Australia but they turned out to be not the best submarines to ever put to sea.
Posted: 01:57am 2nd December, 2017
Scalyback Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
That is neat!
Posted: 07:57am 2nd December, 2017
papasmurf Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
The conditions were a bit more cramped in the engine room:-
Posted: 08:30am 2nd December, 2017
Alan R Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
Back in the day I served as an ERA ( Engine Room Artificer ) but didn't do any time in a tinfish !!------ The British designed Oberons or "O" boats were powered by 2 Admiralty Standard Range Diesels for surface running and battery charging ( Via a Snort or Snorkel )...........I think it's fair to say that virtually all post war ( 1 and 2 ) submarine design / development was as a direct result from captured German boats..........Remember that the engine's type shown in the video was probably designed circa 1908--1910 ??.......

Incidentally it was built by the German company M.A.N. ( Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nuremberg ) which is why those two Cities were so heavily bombed during WW2........Next time you see an MAN lorry on the motorway watch out !! just might be trying to torpedo you --LoL !!..............
Posted: 01:07pm 2nd December, 2017
steveW Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
Totally agree with binary re claustrophobia of being in a sub....but then I had a conversation with my son ( who as in the Royal Navy at the time) long story short....he said, imagine being in a sardine tin, going down, no control, can't see ahead of you, 1000s of feet......then a big splash as you hit the water and start to sink to the bottom of the sea! Made me think differently about flying Often!
Posted: 07:47pm 2nd December, 2017
binary Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
I do not fly any where either. Same reason just a submarine in the air.
Posted: 09:40pm 2nd December, 2017
PeteF Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
Flying is MUCH safer than riding a bike 😀
Posted: 08:36am 3rd December, 2017
papasmurf Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
PeteF "Flying is MUCH safer than riding a bike" Not in Alaska.
Posted: 09:06am 3rd December, 2017
Scalyback Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
I take the choo-choo!

When I go abroad I use eurotunnel
quite soon after Ashford it goes into a funnel.
it's dark for a while, then into the light,
and everything's French as you look in delight.

An hour and a half, you fly through that nation
300KPH till you reach Paris station
then hop on a metro (Well, RER 'D')
to the Gare Du Lyon and a bright TGV

Down through the country, the choo-choo does roam
bringing me closer and closer to home.
Just up ahead Besancon station I see
Oh good, at this rate, I'll be home for my tea.

I could have used 'Squeezy' and taken a plane,
but between you and me, it's too much of a pain,
a hour at the airport just to wait for my bag?
no, it's straight off the train with my case and I'm glad.

Arrive at the farmhouse, drive into the barn,
a well pleasant trip that has caused me no harm,
Excitement increases, as from car do alight,
Just there in the corner stands 'Kevin' the bike!

You can take your tin coffins, that charge £££'s for baggage,
An amount only accurate since Charles Babbage,
'Sick guy' hogs the toilet whilst you sit in pain,
Naa, you go and fly mate, I'll stick to me train!

Scalyback for ever!
REOC 15084

Tabellarius de verbis. Ostensor gaudium
Posted: 02:09pm 3rd December, 2017
Gordon Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
Alan's YouTube on the WWI U-Boot motor prompted me to dust off my 1922 facsimile copy of a comprehensive Germaniawerft analysis of WWI submarine development, Fascinating was the trial and error of previous engines utilized prior to the Diesel. Four and Two stroke petrol engines that seem larger than the one portrayed in an effort to squeeze more power from MAN, FIAT and Koertin. Twin units up to eight cylinders, Regret doesn't give the bore and stroke. Have/had original text of 'Das Boot" and a photo album of the making of the brilliant movie, though the novel is full of succinct submarine jargon hard to translate. Haynes Manuals publishes a superb guide to the 1936-1945 VIIC easy to find in UK. Finally, check the #36 copy of 'After the Battle' magazine of the Royal Navy deposing surrendered U-Boots in 1945 off the coast of Scotland, mMny brand new that had not served a mission
Posted: 08:27pm 5th December, 2017
Alan R Subject: WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
Posted: 03:00am 6th December, 2017

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