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Started at 09:40am on the 2nd December, 2017 by Jamesy
Jamesy Subject: Covered
Guys I find that when I open posts the My shopping adverts covers part of the post on the right hand side of my screen.I am using a android tablet and can't suss how to sort this.
Posted: 09:40am 2nd December, 2017
Leon Novello Subject: Covered
If you are on Windows10, there are three horizontal dots ... on the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on those and a menu will show + or - to adjust the size of the text. There are similar menus hidden in other providers screens.
Posted: 11:15am 2nd December, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: Covered
Trickier with android. On a windows one you can hold down ctrl and press - to zoom out. Sounds silly but have you tried physically rotating your tablet so it's in landscape orientation rather than portrait?
Posted: 11:37am 2nd December, 2017
Felix Subject: Covered
Perhaps a different browser would help. I also use Android on my Galaxy Tab with Chrome, Opera and the native app for various purposes.
Posted: 12:57am 3rd December, 2017
bigpete Subject: Covered
All this to me is in a foreign language, Which is why I don't post too often,im afraid modern technology has left me behind p.s it has taken me 20 minuets to write and post this cheers Pete
Posted: 09:09pm 6th December, 2017
PeteF Subject: Covered
Well, the more you do it the easier it gets Pete but I understand where your coming from.
Posted: 11:30pm 6th December, 2017
steveW Subject: Covered
Hi, yes my tablet does the same! Didn't even understand the other replies! Tend to guess the missing bits. No help but a bit of empathy.
Posted: 10:52pm 8th December, 2017
ceb Subject: Covered
Yes my lenovo tab10 does it to.but not on all posts.I wonder why?.
Posted: 02:49pm 9th December, 2017
steveW Subject: Covered
The weirdest thing, it's sorted itself out, with the shopping being to the side, not overlapping
Posted: 01:47pm 10th December, 2017
Alan R Subject: Covered
Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep ??
Posted: 03:22pm 10th December, 2017
Rattlebattle Subject: Covered
Only the Welsh ones.....I suspect that the issue with the unwanted text overlay is that the site isn't optimised for tablets and smartphones. I get the same problem on my iPhone and iPad, though it's intermittent and I believe has something to do with viewing and/or logging onto the catalogue part of the website. Who knows? The workaround is to view on a PC or Mac unless anyone has the definitive answer.
Posted: 04:38pm 10th December, 2017
Leon Novello Subject: Covered
I have checked by enlarging text to 150%, there is no problem with the advertisements encroaching onto the message; windows 10 must have fixed the problem.
Posted: 06:08am 11th December, 2017
Rattlebattle Subject: Covered
Windows 10 won’t have fixed anything; it’s the website that has the issue. It has to be the clunkiest of the various bike-related forums I frequent. I know of no other that requires the user to know HTML.
Posted: 11:54am 11th December, 2017
papasmurf Subject: Covered
Rattlebattle, My Royal Oilfield has to be the clunkiest motorcycle I have ever owned.
Posted: 12:15pm 11th December, 2017
Dennis C Subject: Covered
What we should remember is this message board is free and supplied by the good will of our hosts, I well remember the web site pre Sincordia, our hosts spent a lot of money upgrading it and I believe at the time it was considered that the message board may be dropped, yes you can use HTML, but the thinking I understand was to keep things low cost and low memory use.Ie a basic simple way of exchanging information.
Posted: 12:15pm 11th December, 2017

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