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Throttle cable

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Throttle cable
Started at 10:07am on the 4th December, 2017 by Lord-Toady
Lord-Toady Subject: Throttle cable
Hi something seems to be wrong with how my throttle cable fits into the twist grip housing on my 1993 Indian built bullet 500. Is there something missing from the setup as the cable is not very well secured. I am considering replacing with the original switches with the old style metal ones available on Hitchcocks. See video below. Cheers
Posted: 10:07am 4th December, 2017
Mark M Subject: Throttle cable
Nothing wrong with that. Get out and ride it instead of worrying in the garage!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 10:11am 4th December, 2017
Lord-Toady Subject: Throttle cable
Yep day off I need to get out on my sickle.
Posted: 10:19am 4th December, 2017
ric Subject: Throttle cable
Always best to wrap some tape around the 'top hat' adaptor to attach it to the throttle cable to prevent it being lost if/when the inner section fails...
Posted: 10:39am 4th December, 2017
papasmurf Subject: Throttle cable
I suspect you are missing a collar that fit around the nipple before you fit the nipple into the handlebar lever.
Posted: 11:34am 4th December, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: Throttle cable
Well, it looks to me like there is an excessive amount of free play on the throttle cable. Can be due to one of two problems.

1) Lack of adjustment, there is an adjuster screw with a locknut on top of the carburettor which should be adjusted so there is only a small amount of slack with the throttle fully closed.

2) Throttle valve not returning to fully closed position. Several possible causes, the most likely of which is that the throttle cable is poorly routed or pinched between the tank and frame (this is very easy to do). It can also be the throttle valve itself sticking in the carb body.

If you listen carefully to the carburettor as you close the throttle (engine off), you should be able to hear the throttle valve hit the idle stop with a "clunk" when it reaches fully closed. If you can keep closing off the throttle from here, the cable needs adjusting. If you don't get that clunk and that free play you're getting on the cable apears, the cable is sticking.

If the cable is sticking, you'd probably get a very fast or intermittantly fast idle when the engine is run.
For a sticking cable, first thing I'd do, after optimistically wiggling either end, is whip the tank off and make sure it's free to move along the frame and where it runs in through the casquette with a minimum of sharp turns. It generally wants to be going vertically into the carb, there isn't a lot of room under thew tank to achieve this. Once you're happy with it, then put the tank back on taking care how it's routed under the tank and checking it's still free to move at each stage.

I usually have to have a couple of attempts to get the cable well routed and not sticking.

I suppose something else to mention is some cables come either overly long or sticky from the get-go (even ones from reputable suppliers). I usually land up making my own.
Posted: 11:44am 4th December, 2017
Lord-Toady Subject: Throttle cable
Hi thanks for the replys, I am going to take the tank off have have a proper look and have ordered a new British made throttle cable as well as a new Chief seat from Hitchcocks - well a cheaper one on special with marks on the leather apparantly. The bugger who sold me the bike left a 1 inch thick Hitchcocks catalogue in with the paperwork and I have already spent over 200 quid! It looks like something was taped on to where the throttle cable enters the twist grip so maybe there was tape there before. When I was fitting my trials style bars and struggling to get the controls back on I am sure I heard something drop on the garage floor but couldnt find anything. Mark - I took your advice and took bike out for a great ride on Monday my first proper ride on the bike as getting my confidence back after a crash that left me in a bad way for a few months with a dislocated and broken right arm. I live on the south coast so went exploring country lanes around Chichester for 40 odd miles and the bike was running well.
Posted: 04:40pm 6th December, 2017
Mark M Subject: Throttle cable
Excellent news, nothing like Dr Bike to make you feel better! The cable normally has a split ferule at the handlebar end, on my Trials bike I wind a fine wire around it to stop it dropping off if there should be a problem somewhere muddy and awkward. The wire is easily cut for cable replacement if needed. You'll see what I mean when you get the replacement. I have had (separately) both a dislocated shoulder and a broken wrist, only one of which was bike related but getting back on the bike again really cheered me up so good luck with the recovery and get physio assistance (if you're not already) and really work at it, it seriously helps believe me!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 04:52pm 6th December, 2017

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