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Valve Springs

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Valve Springs
Started at 03:27pm on the 5th December, 2017 by Pat M20
Pat M20 Subject: Valve Springs
Hi, I have just received some new valve springs (inner and outer) and one new bottom valve collar. My problem is that neither inner nor outer valve spring seems the correct size. The valve collars measure just under 32mm outside diameter (o/d) whereas the o/d of the outer spring is approx. 37mm. This just doesn't look right. Is this normal? Regards Pat
Posted: 03:27pm 5th December, 2017
Tim NZ Subject: Valve Springs
Year and Model of bike...?
Significant difference from year to year, model to model.
Posted: 07:02pm 5th December, 2017
Pat M20 Subject: Valve Springs
1993 500 Bullet. I am finding that that this bike has been lashed up a bit over the years.
Posted: 07:44am 6th December, 2017
Alan R Subject: Valve Springs
Welcome to the "Lashed-up Club"..........Now that you've got the head off ( Not too much grief I hope ??) you really must take this oppertunity to check that piston and--- God willing ---- it'll NOT be an OE one but one of the other, better alternatives...You might find that a valve stem seal for the inlet won't fit properly either....I did some "Googling" and found this for you}----
Posted: 11:03am 6th December, 2017
Presto Subject: Valve Springs
When you say that the new springs do not look ‘correct’ do you mean they look different from those fitted? Did you give full details of bike when you ordered your new components? And did you purchase from a reputable seller? Maybe our hosts? If the latter I doubt very much that they will be incorrect – as these particular components barely changed over the years.
Posted: 11:39am 6th December, 2017
Tim NZ Subject: Valve Springs
The original lower collars had an OD of 1 1/2" or 38mm, and the ID of the outer springs is 1 1/8" or 28mm.
Sounds a bit like the lower collar that you have been supplied is not up to the task...
Posted: 06:55pm 6th December, 2017
Pat M20 Subject: Valve Springs
Hi Tim The o/d of the collars from the head were a tad under 32mm (all of them) and came with only single springs which fitted well with the existing collars. Our hosts are sending me the correct collars (around 38m) and I have already received from them new inner and outer springs. These new springs are around a a 1/3rd longer than the old springs, so I hope they don't get spring bound. If they do, then I possibly don't have the correct valves either (the old springs are so much shorter than the new ones that it cannot just be down to the use and age of the springs). Regards Pat
Posted: 07:29am 7th December, 2017

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