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Power Commander

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Power Commander
Started at 05:41pm on the 5th December, 2017 by Chris R
Chris R Subject: Power Commander
I have owned a 2013 GT for just over two years,it came with an after market silencer and I have fitted a K&N filter with the ally venturi cover and a iridium plug.I believe this has given a better throttle response the engine does not stall quite so much when cold.The bike runs well and is great fun to ride but a more power would be nice.Has anyone fitted a power commander? is it worth the expense,how easy is it to fit.I know the more powerful 650 twin is on the way but I like my GT
Posted: 05:41pm 5th December, 2017
Tim NZ Subject: Power Commander
Nice bike in its own way, but unfortunately Looks v's Performance are poles apart.
If you are quietly contemplating one of the new twins, then fitting a Power commander is not going to provide the jump in performance that you would like(?) To get a significantly noticeable performance increase out of the 535GT requires a bit more than a replacement muffler and a revamped ECU...
Posted: 07:25pm 5th December, 2017
Beano Subject: Power Commander
Posted: 12:16pm 6th December, 2017
Beano Subject: Power Commander
He there. I have an identical bike and almost identical mods (with the addition of the wider bore free flow Motad down pipe and the Hitchcocks Conti-specified megaphone). I fitted all the items in one throw, including the Power Commander, so cant comment how the pipe and filter improves things independently. But together, they have made an immense difference. Not dyno'd it. But my unscientific findings are not a lot on top end....I have seen an indicated 85mph. But so much faster excelleration and willingness to rev. Infact it has transformed the bike. Never stalls from cold and is first or second kick to start. A very happy camper, infact.
Posted: 12:22pm 6th December, 2017
Smudger Subject: Power Commander
Hi, I have the filter, pipe (motad) and power commander. I was slightly disappointed when I fitted the power commander, which was the last of my mods. It didn't really improve the idle/stall at all to be fair. I wish that I'd spent the money on a carb conversion in hind sight. However, the fuel maps on these are quite generic and have varying degrees of effects. I think mine may need to be set up properly on the dyno, which I will get round to in the spring. I'm also going with the valve and cam upgrades at the same time,so hopefully this will show some return for my investment. All said and done though, I love my enfield and it's characteristics and wouldn't swap it for the new twin or anything else of the genre, it's great fun and as long as you like it, just thought I'd put my experience of the power commander in!
Posted: 05:54pm 6th December, 2017
RocketRR Subject: Power Commander
Same here I have the airbox mods and exhaust with the Mkv and found it improves the bike throughout the whole range. I have now fitted the slightly smaller rear sprocket and first gear pull away is fantastic and of course cruising at normal Road speed is about 500rpm or so less. I would like to go the whole hog on crank,piston and cam and valves 600cc or more 😉 Also keeping and spending on this bike probably is cheaper than depreciation and cost of new bike!
Posted: 11:41am 28th December, 2017

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