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Started at 10:58am on the 7th December, 2017 by Lord-Toady
Lord-Toady Subject: EBRO
My 1993 Enfield is listed with EBRO as the make on the V5 logbook with no model, does anyone know why that is I tried searching online for EBRO but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know any of the back story of that, I assumed it was to do with the Indian company not being allowed to use the Royal Enfield name during the 1990s.
Posted: 10:58am 7th December, 2017
Alan R Subject: EBRO
can't help you directly but this came up}-------------- --------
Posted: 01:30pm 7th December, 2017
Alan R Subject: EBRO
and this}-------- ---------------------- I know old Enfields are a bit "Agricultral" but DVLA are taking the michael I think !!
Posted: 01:38pm 7th December, 2017
Lord-Toady Subject: EBRO
Thats odd maybe a mistake with the DVLA then might ring them up.
Posted: 01:44pm 7th December, 2017
Lord-Toady Subject: EBRO
Lol it looks like EBRO is a make of tractor.
Posted: 01:49pm 7th December, 2017
Lord-Toady Subject: EBRO
I gave them a ring said to send the V5 with a cover letter and they will look into it. I noticed it was odd as Insurance companies can't find the bikes model from the registration number which meant I couldn't use the comparison websites. Also for some reason when I told them it was a Royal Enfield they were clueless like they had never heard of it. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posted: 02:09pm 7th December, 2017
Lord-Toady Subject: EBRO
Does anyone know what that would normally say on the logbook for a 1993 Indian Built Bullet 500? In the back of my mind I am worried I might be opening a can of worms for myself bringing this up with the DVLA.
Posted: 02:51pm 7th December, 2017
papasmurf Subject: EBRO
Lord-Toady, as it is obviously a cockup of the DVLAs making and an obvious one, all they need is VIN number and the registration and they can correct it and issue a registration document with the correct information.
Posted: 04:24pm 7th December, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: EBRO
I can only wish you luck. It took the DVLA 12 years to spell my surname cortrectly on my driving licence. I also sent a V5 in for a change of colour no fewer than 5 times and it's never been changed to this day.

They also added a new keeper to all my vehicles when I moved house.

Not all is lost though, they recently processed a change of engine number for me at the first time of asking with no arguments.

You have to hope you get someone who is both lazy AND incompetant rather than simply incompetant (that's a given). A lazy one will decide it's easier to just change it than to write a letter creatively misunderstanding what you're asking them to do.
Posted: 04:48pm 7th December, 2017
Paul M H Subject: EBRO
Ha Ha DVLA efficiency or should that be inefficiency. I sent off my Driving Licence for its 10 year renewal done it though the post office like you have to now. When new one arrived it only had motorcycle classes on it. ? No car van or bus or other catagarys which I did have and have passed my test for. So call them up and they cant find any record of it as I passed various tests in early 1970s. lucky I always kept a few scanned copy's of all my previous licences on paper & on my computer which I've now sent them so they can investigate it and see what's gone wrong. My old Enfield log book from late 90s says make Enfield - Model Bullet
Posted: 05:23pm 7th December, 2017
Andy M Subject: EBRO
I always "lose" my license at renual time. Makes no difference until they send it back missing a category. That's when I'd "find it". My 2004 was made by Enfield and listed as a Bullet 500. Andy
Posted: 06:18pm 7th December, 2017
Mark M Subject: EBRO
Wrong model or make designation is not uncommon at the DVLA, mis-classification is probably due to them farming out data entry to the cheapest out-sourcing company! Bikes of this era were listed as "Enfield" before the court case that gave Enfield India the right to use the "Royal" prefix. I'd guess that "Ebro" was the next listing to "Enfield" in the drop down menu when they did it.

REgards, Mark
Posted: 06:44pm 7th December, 2017
Lord-Toady Subject: EBRO
Well I have sent the logbook off with a cover letter saying it should be a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 so hopefully I should hear back in a few weeks.
Posted: 07:03pm 7th December, 2017
binary Subject: EBRO
Just wondering if the document is genuine. Can you tell if it is genuine or not.
Posted: 07:22pm 7th December, 2017
Beezabryan Subject: EBRO
In the year of our Lord 2000 I finally got our BSA A10 Golden Flash re registered despite the best efforts of Mr Jepson of the Reading local DVLA office who continually made up his own rules regarding re registering an old nailthat had lain dormant for 32 years
The V5 said the I had a Sundiro!
After much asking around etc I found that a Sundiro was an obscure Chinese moped mainly imported to San Francisco.
Speaking with a nice WSelsh lady in Swansea it appeared that the nice Mr (twat) Jepson had written the wrong code number on his paperwork.
I suggest L-Ts problem is merely finger trouble with a data input clerk, no one is infallible.
Posted: 08:47pm 7th December, 2017
p Subject: EBRO
EBRO was a manufacturer who built Ford trucks under licence in Spain in the 1960's onwards!
Posted: 09:42pm 7th December, 2017
Scalyback Subject: EBRO
Here's Tornado's doc. Although he was built in 1994 (bit of a strange 'Bavanar' story...) was not registered in the UK until 1998.

If they won't change it to 'Royal Enfield', then try asking for 'Rolls Royce'.

EBRO? You are lucky that got that spelt correctly... It could have ended up HASBO knowing the DeVious LA. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Scalyback for ever!
REOC 15084

Tabellarius de verbis. Ostensor gaudium
Posted: 09:20am 8th December, 2017
Bullet Whisperer Subject: EBRO
As P says above, I can remember seeing copies of Fordson Super Major and Massey Ferguson 165 tractors in Spain, bearing the name 'Fabrication Ebro'.
Posted: 09:34am 8th December, 2017
ed.lazda Subject: EBRO
My wife's Bullet 350 is listed as EBRO on the V5. It was registered in 2002 in UK but is clearly an earlier model, probably 1998 or thereabouts. I wondered about "Enfield Bought and Registered Overseas" but that's completely made up.
Posted: 09:53am 8th December, 2017
Bullet Whisperer Subject: EBRO
My 350 Indian Bullet model name is 350BLT on the V5 and comes up as 'not found' on a DVLA search, unless that is typed in when checking for tax, mot etc.
Posted: 09:57am 8th December, 2017

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