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2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet

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2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Started at 11:55am on the 7th December, 2017 by TvR
TvR Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Hi from Australia. My 2013 Classic Chrome Bullet 500 has been a gently vibrating delight but in the last few thousand miles the vibes have become steadily worse to the point where what was a pleasure is now a pain. The bike has done about 16,000 miles total and has had no issues. It has always been professionally serviced by the book. This problem with excessive vibrations started about 3,000 miles ago. It used to run happily up to 70mph with a particularly sweet spot between 50 - 60. Now its rough all the way through the rev range and buzzes roughly on the over run when I shut the throttle at anything above 50mph. The bike has generally got smoother and sweeter with the miles so this turn around has me and the dealer, an experienced RE man, mystified. I couldn't find any chassis probs with frame/mounts or head steady, nor could the servicing dealer who twice checked over the bike. They also popped off the side covers and confirmed no run-out on the crank, nice tight clutch unit and so on. There's never been anything nasty appearing in the oil. Before the motor is pulled out and dismantled has anyone had a similar experience and can offer any advice? Much appreciated, Trevor
Posted: 11:55am 7th December, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
I'd be wanting to have another good look at the engine mounts.

I'd also thoroughly check the chain and sprockets for tight spots, hooking and broken mounting bolts, also sprocket carrier bearing. Especially if it's more speed than rev related. Coming off the throttle makes the chain tension move from the top run to the bottom run.
Posted: 12:24pm 7th December, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
WOrth going over it with an engineers stethescope or sounding rod to see if you can localise any funny noises. A large screwdriver with a round-ended handle makes a passable sounding rod. Press the handle to your ear and press the end of the screwdriver to the various parts of the engine.

Of course, this won't show you any chassis related problems but should help localise engine related vibes.
Posted: 12:29pm 7th December, 2017
Alan R Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Hi guys-------- Do those models have a balancing shaft at all and if so is it gear or chain driven ?? ----- just a bit of lateral thinking there...LoL !!
Posted: 01:14pm 7th December, 2017
Rattlebattle Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Assuming the bike is a C5 it could be a frame breakage or crack; whilst this is not common it's also not unknown. It seems to affect the C5 only for some reason. No, it doesn't have a balance shaft.
Posted: 02:40pm 7th December, 2017
Tim NZ Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Loose or broken/fractured top motor mount is the common cause...
Posted: 06:23pm 7th December, 2017
Chris Tindal Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
As Tim says, check the headsteady from the cylinder head to the frame. I once had mine vibrate loose gradually and it turned the bike into a pneumatic drill. Re tightening the nut made a huge difference.
Posted: 07:09pm 7th December, 2017
Chris Tindal Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Ah, just seen you said you've already checked it!
Posted: 07:10pm 7th December, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
I've also had an intrusive vibration set in through the handlebars when a motor moved in a frame without anything breaking (not an enfield mind you). I loosened the engine mounts, jacked up under the engine then re-tightened them. The slight movement in the engine changed the frequency of the vibe and stopped the handlebar problem. That said, your vibration sounds more severe than that.
Posted: 10:25am 8th December, 2017
binary Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Hi TvR Did you manage to find out why your 2013 Classic Chrome Bullet 500 was vibrating so bad.
Posted: 08:36pm 9th December, 2017
TvR Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
No solution as yet. I ran it downhill at speeds up to 50mph and had a nice smooth ride, unless I blipped the throttle ... so I conclude its a problem in the motor not the chassis. At least, that's my thinking at the moment. Will have to wait till the new year now as I'm away in Tasmania from tomorrow. Appreciate everyone's input, I will take a fresh look when I return. Have a good Christmas one and all. Cheers, Trevor
Posted: 06:48am 10th December, 2017
RoSy Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
This is how I used to cure vibration on the bikes iv'e owned and nine times out of ten it has worked, put bike on centre stand, place a car jack beneath the engine protect the sump if needed, just jack up until the weight of the engine is on the jack, you do not want the bike to lift at all, then loosen every single engine/frame bolt, remove head steady bolt. Once you are satisfied every bolt is loose try and wiggle the engine or very slightly jack the engine one or two mm it will not move much, if you can slide the bolts back and forth thats where the engine needs to be ,the object is to find a neutral position for the engine so when it's all tightened back up the engine isn't solely resting on one particular point. Tighten the head steady last and try to keep an equi distance around the bracket/bolts so as the bracket is not hard up against a bolt. On these big lumpy singles it doesn't take much for the engine to bind against the frame, try to imagined the engine sitting/floating evenly with a gap around every mounting bolt hole. Don't forget to torque all bolts to required amounts.
Posted: 10:04am 10th December, 2017
ric Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Was anything changed on or added to the bike around the time this started?
I once swapped out a very heavy pair of OEM mirrors on an 865 air cooled Triumph for lightweight alloy bar ends and the bike picked up vibrations in the bars as well as elsewhere on the bike. The vibration had always been there but dampened out by the original equipment.
Posted: 10:12am 10th December, 2017
Revband Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
A worn or loose petrol tank mounting or something touching under the tank can cause this, before a major engine strip check it carefully.
Posted: 10:34am 10th December, 2017
binary Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
That was a good idea running down the hill at 50 MPH with the engine at idle. Any frame vibrations would have shown up as the engine has no input. The vibrations started again the moment you accelerated the motor from idle. This indicates like you said that the vibration is likely coming from the engine. Two possible things are the bearings or for some reason that seems impossible the crank has come out of true. You would not think that it could be any thing else from inside the engine.
Posted: 09:27pm 10th December, 2017
Dennis C Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
This type of engine will always create vibration, it's how the vibration manifests itself that can be the problem, it is possible that the engine itself is not vibrating any more than it was, it may be that something else has changed amplifying the problem, from the op's description it was never in doubt that it was coming from the engine and I don't feel that coasting down a hill?. Would prove very much.
Posted: 09:54pm 10th December, 2017
Scalyback Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Pop her on it and rev the engine a few times, trust me, it'll be a good night!
Posted: 02:02pm 11th December, 2017
Alan R Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
OOhh---- Scaly !!

Posted: 05:01pm 11th December, 2017
binary Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
Dennis C. You have to be willing to try different things to try to prove where a vibration is coming from. If nothing else at least you can cross it off the list of trial and error.
Posted: 09:40pm 20th December, 2017
Bullet Whisperer Subject: 2013 Badly Vibrating Bullet
If you have a centre stand, put it on that and rev the engine - slight backwards movement is ok, but if it rocks from side to side and 'waddles' backwards, it could spell worn main bearings.
Posted: 08:21am 21st December, 2017

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