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Started at 07:01am on the 12th January, 2018 by binary
binary Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Sold my Royal Enfield today for the excessive price that I asked for it. Thank goodness that there are still dreamers in the world. Am buying a friends VT750S Honda. No more crawling around on the cold concrete with a torch held in my false teeth trying to fix the unfixable. Oh Happy Days. Good luck to all from binary.
Posted: 07:01am 12th January, 2018
Mark M Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Yeah, but what oil will you put in it? You'll be bored :) Good luck and enjoy yourself, any bike is better than no bike!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 07:55am 12th January, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Those motorcycles have no charisma, no woman is going to ask you for a ride on that. Old men aren`t going to talk to you about when they used to ride one in the fifties. It will be lonely out there.
Posted: 08:03am 12th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: JUMPING SHIP
G'day Binary-----well, you beat me to it !!......So, over the Winter lay-up I've had to come to terms with our "dear" friend Mr. Fiscal Reality and came to the decision that either the 1980's Honda XBR 500 OR The Red Baron Enfield '65 will have to find a new owner.........No prizes for guessing which one will be staying !!

I suppose I'll have to continue this thread over on the "Bikes for Sale" heading.......So long Binary, stay above ground and vertical for many years to come but most of all.....Ride Safe !!
Posted: 08:29am 12th January, 2018
another Allan Subject: JUMPING SHIP
If I only had one bike, it would NOT be an Enfield, so I understand why you're 'jumping ship.' On the other hand, Enfields are charming toys if you don't expect too much! Perhaps the new 650's will change things...
Posted: 08:44am 12th January, 2018
ric Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Sometimes these do happen happen, since getting my T120 I've fallen out of love with the B5. I've been out on it once since owning the Triumph yet prior to doing so had never even considered parting with it.
The T120 will be dealer maintained so (hopefully) owner input probably be limited but the extra enjoyment it provides in comparison to the Enfield makes up for it.
I can see a large space in my shed instead of a 2001 535Virago and a 2015 B5. I Know a couple of people who own VT750S' and they are happy people.
Posted: 09:57am 12th January, 2018
papasmurf Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Personally I am sorry I ever bought a Royal Enfield.
Posted: 09:58am 12th January, 2018
Adrian Subject: JUMPING SHIP
That's two unhappy owners (one ex-owner).

Having struggled with old unit single BSAs and a mid-life crisis (bike, not me!) Triumph TR7 previously I did at least have some idea of what to expect... Shame, Binary put a lot of effort turning his Indian "restored" 350 into what appeared to be shaping up as a decent bike.

Posted: 11:36am 12th January, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Blimey, for a minute there I thought he’d bought one of the old chocolate cam Hondas, until I realised it was a v Twin, not a v four....Each to his own. I’ve never considered my C5 as either daily transport or a contender for sole bike, rather a different experience to what I have been used to, at least since my days of £30 original Brit bangers. I find I ride mine more than my Thruxton, though only locally, as it’s just so easy to wheel around. That said, this year I’ll be going to Ireland on it. Whilst getting to the ferry will no doubt be a drag, once in Ireland it should be ideal. At least I’ll get revenge on my friends who usually hold me up with their sedate riding....FWIW I get more old folk wanting to talk about the C5 than the Thruxton, though I get plenty of those too. With a VT you’ll get people asking you if it’s a Harley and then losing interest when they discover it isn’t...
Posted: 02:56pm 12th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Set your shocks to soft mode once you get beyond the Motorways----The Republic's main income is from farming and the roads reflect that quite well............Joyce and I did 10 days on our 1100 Guzzi Cali ---- BRILLIANT !!-------Lovely people, lovely countryside, lovely food and a pint'o Guinness at the end of a day's riding....and all done with a pre-booked B & B each day......Enjoy !!
Posted: 04:13pm 12th January, 2018
2cvandy Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Good luck with the Honda binary (not that you'll need luck), Honda V twins are wonderful things, I doubt that I'll ever sell my old Transalp and there's still a CX in the corner of my garage too. Much as I love my Enfield, I'd never consider one as an only bike, or even practical regular transport for that matter, I like to travel further, quicker than the Enfield is truly comfortable with. Looking forward to a test ride on the new twin though,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Posted: 06:40pm 12th January, 2018
Craig Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Just to Add.. I have Found all My Enfields very reliable & easy & Cheap to Fix, They Live out side under a tarpaulin and are used for me every day commute..Been all over on France & Scotland on Holiday.. and I am absolutely gutted I am having to sell one (Due to MY Old Age and reliability). The other day after my Throttle cable Broke..i rode home hold with the broken Top end to my twist grip try that on ya modern stuff..Faults Minor ..Bodgeability..Great..Character Infinite. All my Bikes have Been classic Iron Head 350 & 500s (350 best) with one AVL 350..Current Commuter..great bike Ok rant over.."But some Time we all need a Change for what ever reason"..Cheers all..
Posted: 07:14pm 12th January, 2018
Craig Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Sorry binary..Not knocking you as (False Teeth and Touch my self) I can see me ending up with a Chinky 125 or (Wis-per) Scooter for the Commute ..Me bodys getting so bad even thinking of an Electric Bike.."Enjoy your Honda"
Posted: 07:35pm 12th January, 2018
2cvandy Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Whoops,,,,, hope it wasn't my comments caused you to spit your tea out Craig. My only problem with the Enfield is it's just too slow to keep up with my usual riding mates, I have to push the Harley harder than Milwaukee intended to stay with em, it'd kill the Enfield trying to do a two week tour with those guys. Although,,,,,,,,,,,, we're getting a blanket 80 kph speed limit here in France from July, so maybe the Enfield will be the best way to keep my licence,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
Posted: 08:15pm 12th January, 2018
Barnes Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Personally i love my super meteor and she is very problem free. To the point i am now buying a connie. Ed
Posted: 08:55pm 12th January, 2018
samj Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Miss my 1953 G2 but I miss the Honda 550/4 more. Can't beat old age so bought a Keeway CB125 clone. Good luck and safe riding binary.
Posted: 10:32pm 12th January, 2018
simon Subject: JUMPING SHIP
I'm always surprised by the people who like to be accosted by garrulous old boys wanting to impart "wisdom" about old machinery. I remember being a young lad driving an old Riley Kestrel that my father and I had done a restoration on. I used to drive it a bit and would always walk past if some old boy was examining it. This was because in the previous encounters with such luminaries I would always have the same conversation of a close approximation of it. It would go thus: (me) "Hello". (them) "Model A eh?" (me) "No, its a Riley, A Riley Kestrel 9HP 1934". (them) "Great car the Model A, you know you had to go up steep hills in reverse". (me) "I think you are confusing the Model A with the Model T but of course this is a four speed car from England not an American car". (them) "My father had a model A used to make us all walk whilst he went up the hills backwards". (me) Fascinating, must go. The same thing happens with the RE except the story is about "the old Triumph they used to own and how they should never have sold it because it would be worth a fortune now". So whilst I love old machines I really am a misanthrope when it comes to street experts. There is something to be said for riding an anonymous modern machine that I truely understand its just that they are so dull whatever absurd BHP they are chucking out the back wheel.
Posted: 05:41am 13th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: JUMPING SHIP
I hope you don't mind me using the thread title to add this bit of British eccentricity from the past ??}------------
Posted: 05:52am 13th January, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: JUMPING SHIP
Alan R: Yes, I’ve been to Ireland (and NI) several times on a bike. I absolutely love the place. Whilst it has changed some over the years it’s still full of friendly folk and it’s true that the Guinness is incomparably better there than in the U.K. Simon: My thoughts too. I find it tedious explaining that no, I didn’t restore it, yes it’s made in India. No it isn’t really EFI ( I fitted a carb) ad nauseam. Same with my Thruxton. How anyone can confuse that much larger bike with the petite unit construction Meriden ones amazes me. I’ve always known pretty much every nook and cranny of my bikes and cannot fathom how someone who had a bike for any length of time back then could confuse it with a modern one.
Posted: 11:20am 13th January, 2018
eddie the seagull Subject: JUMPING SHIP
An 80kph (50 mph)speed limit in France from July? Sounds like a nice little earner for someone.
Posted: 11:36am 13th January, 2018

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