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Started at 11:09pm on the 22nd January, 2018 by Charlie
Charlie Subject: Dipstick
Even when I put 2.5 litres of oil into my 1951 350 Bullet it still does not register on the dipstick! So just to make sure I have the right 'stick' could some of you fine folk with a similar age bike measure the high and low mark position please? I measured from the filler neck contact surface and got, high=84mm and low=128mm. Many thanks.
Posted: 11:09pm 22nd January, 2018
Tim NZ Subject: Dipstick
Dims sound ok...
What height is the top of the oil tank filler neck from the top of the case?
Do you have a modified recirculating eng breather that is connected to an extension of the oil tank filler neck, with the wrong (not long enough) dip stick?
:-) You do have the sump-plug in? :-)
Posted: 04:43am 23rd January, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: Dipstick
Just a point of interest until you get an answer. When I first changed the oil on my 2000-500 Bullet, I poured in 2.5 litres and it filled right up to the top of the filler spout, I had to drain it again, oh what joy, I was an idiot.
Posted: 04:44am 23rd January, 2018
Mark M Subject: Dipstick
Charlie, what does your dipstick look like? (No jokes please!) The reason I ask is that the dipstick fitted to a 1951 350 is just a piece of wire with no markings. If you have marks already it may mean it's the wrong one or wrongly marked.

REgards, Mark
Posted: 09:00am 23rd January, 2018
Charlie Subject: Dipstick
Oops apologies to Tim, Leon and Mark it was very rude of me to post and then not check replies. That's good information and really interesting, my dipstick is a flat blade approx 5 X 2 mm with a high and low line stamped on it! Looks like I have the wrong part, please tell me Mark what does the unmarked piece of wire do? I think for now I will fill to volume and make a note of where the oil level is inside the tank, there is a bulge in the crankcase casting at just the right point! Thanks again for the help it is greatly appreciated.
Posted: 09:42pm 8th February, 2018
Charlie Subject: Dipstick
By the way Tim, yes sump plug is in and the filler neck looks standard. Cheers
Posted: 09:45pm 8th February, 2018

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