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Difficult starting

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Difficult starting
Started at 07:46pm on the 28th January, 2018 by H
H Subject: Difficult starting
Hi quickly looseing the will to live Bullet 500 2002 4 speed Just can't get it to start, kicks over fires then stops Tried resetting timing changed jets to standard Mikcarb Kicks back sometimes backfires sometimes Took plug out sooted up so assuming flooding ?,not getting enough fuel ? Any advice as my right leg is giving up Cheers H
Posted: 07:46pm 28th January, 2018
Lee053 Subject: Difficult starting
You have most likely checked this but.... is the fuel tap turned to “on”
Posted: 09:52pm 28th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: Difficult starting
Hi guys------Fresh or stale petrol or some water in tank ??( Been off the road during Winter ??)---Empty the tank and re-fill with NEW petrol---Remove air filter----make sure the "Fuel on" position actually shows a flow of fuel----New plug of the CORRECT grade fitted -----no flooding from carb. overflow pipes ----try again.
Posted: 10:57pm 28th January, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Difficult starting
Often a poor spark at the bottom of poor starting/running. Duff condenser would do it. As would a duff plug or a bad battery earth connection. Was it running well before?
Posted: 12:38am 29th January, 2018
Chris [Stockport] Subject: Difficult starting
Loosen fuel-filler cap and see if that makes a difference.
See if the rubber to the carb is split?
I'd echo what the others say, and stress Alan's comment of a NEW... not just cleaned ..spark plug.
How long since the last service? It could well be worth putting those new items in for a try, eg points etc, then at least you eliminate them AND it might work.
Is the "choke" in the correct position?

(I recently had massive running problems with my car and it turned out to be the NEW condenser I'd put in was faulty....)

Good luck, Chris
Posted: 09:33am 29th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: Difficult starting
Worst case scenario is that you'll end up with legs like Popeye's arms --LoL !!.....Which should be a good talking point down at your local pub, and may even get you a free pint or two !!

Posted: 10:47am 29th January, 2018
H Subject: Difficult starting
Those are my legs !!!!!! Just rebuilt the bike got it started once about a month ago then no go since then I will try new petrol though thanks for the replies H
Posted: 01:21pm 30th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: Difficult starting
I forgot to add}--- Before you do any of those Petrol-involved checks, ie}--- no vapour at or near your bike, check the quality of the spark on your NEW plug.......You should hear a nice, well defined "crack" and see an intense blue spark at the electrodes....If it's barely audible and shows a weak, redish colour then start checking all the connections, followed by a new condenser (cheapest option)--- then maybe consider the coil ?? ... My Bullet '65 came with a Bransden Electronic ignition system ( which according to receipts must be about 8 years old now ) and a PVL coil......
Posted: 01:36pm 30th January, 2018
Chris [Stockport] Subject: Difficult starting
Anyway, do let us know how you go on with it. Hope all's well; otherwise I'm sure more useful suggestions will follow.

Is your bike a model with a left and a right kickstart?
Otherwise, how come both legs are the same... I always wonder if professional tennis players get one arm more muscled up than the other?
Posted: 04:56pm 30th January, 2018
scotty Subject: Difficult starting
Hi if your bike has points ignition check that there is no lift in cb cam, had similar with an iron barrel problem was crookbbushes in dist body giving variation in points gap, if an older model you will have bushes newer ones had ball races, ended up fitting a grease nipple on top of dist houseing.hope this helps.
Posted: 05:03am 2nd February, 2018
H Subject: Difficult starting
Changed petrol all I get is a half hearted start then what sounds like a miss fire a big phut sound and lots of cursing from me some times a kick back ( but now my legs are like a prop forward it's no problem )and as a last resort a cuppa followed by the sound of the garage door shutting Any other suggestions greatly received H
Posted: 03:48pm 3rd February, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Difficult starting
Are you getting a good spark?.You will need someone to kickstart the bike for you.Inlet rubber from the carb ok?Coil checked?.There are some multi-meter checks I have seen in the service manual for this.
Posted: 04:13pm 3rd February, 2018
H Subject: Difficult starting
Well good news reset timing got bike started for about 30 seconds then it stopped kicked it again then another 20 seconds then nothing has petrol in the carb when i dismantled it any other ideas what to try next got spark but plug seems to soot up
Posted: 03:56pm 4th February, 2018
Reg Subject: Difficult starting
I had very similar symptoms on my bullet a couple of years back. Turned out to be the condenser.
Posted: 05:17pm 6th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: Difficult starting
Leave the garage doors open-------- maybe someone will nick it !!--LoL !!.......Of course a real insult would be that you leave the garage doors open overnight and in the morning someone's left another one alongside yours !! ( GLUM )
Posted: 06:51pm 6th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: Difficult starting
OK--- seriously now, if you have soot on the plug with so little engine running then partial flooding may be the culprit..........Can you borrow a same carb that's known to be OK and just substitute it ??.......Float level correct ??..........I notice you originally said that you changed jets back to standard Mikcarb, and that all this started after you re-built the bike....So can you give us a description of what was involved in the re-build and the exact set-up you have at the moment please ?? If the bike was running OK before the re-build then obviously you have made some sort of a fundamental change to something in order for this to happen..........( Logic Mode c/o Mr Spock )..
Posted: 07:04pm 6th February, 2018
H Subject: Difficult starting
Thought about putting on a sign steal me know ! Rebuilt engine rebore to +40 bought to do up something to fiddle with saw on u tube might be wet sump so drained that No used to bullets so still learning .just annoying last bike I rebuilt started 1st time but it was a BMW Also I have noticed oil level dropped since filling but no sign of leaking anywhere strange ? Probably something really stupid
Posted: 01:34pm 7th February, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Difficult starting
So. Changed that condenser yet? It's been mentioned by three different people now. Don't assume it was assembled correctly. The last bullet I built had a 6v condenser fitted to a 12v bike. It would start and idle but die at the slightest sniff of throttle.
Posted: 04:44pm 7th February, 2018
ric Subject: Difficult starting
If you didn’t fill the timing chest during the oil change then approx 200cc of oil will be missing from the oil tank because it’s ended up in there.
Posted: 04:59pm 7th February, 2018
hagis Subject: Difficult starting
I think I would be changing s/plug-plug cap-plug lead- coil- condenser, in order of cost lowest first, as it does seem like an ignition problem, I would double check the float level and the needle valve it controls to be certain both of these are set and operating correctly.
Posted: 10:53am 8th February, 2018

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