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That hard suspension

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That hard suspension
Started at 02:30pm on the 3rd February, 2018 by ericpode
ericpode Subject: That hard suspension
The consensus seems to be that the suspension on an Electra X is way too stiff. I intend to start with softer springs on the back and wondered if anyone can advise on how to go about dismantling the units before I start.
Posted: 02:30pm 3rd February, 2018
Mark M Subject: That hard suspension
If the springs are open (no shrouds,) our Hosts sell a tool, part number 98036 for this purpose. However it is not cheap! Do you have a local bike shop that might do it for you? Or you could make one? Look at the illustration in the Bullet Catalogue, it might give you an idea.I usually do mine by clamping the shock in the vice, pressing down with all my puny might and getting my lovely wife to pull out the collets. She is quite practiced at not getting her fingers caught now...

REgards, Mark
Posted: 02:59pm 3rd February, 2018
ericpode Subject: That hard suspension
Thanks for that Mark. I will have loan of a spring compressor next week. I was concerned because I could not see any removable collets. The shocks have just a short chrome shroud at the top. Can I assume this is masking the collets until I compress the spring?
Posted: 04:31pm 3rd February, 2018
papasmurf Subject: That hard suspension
Sorry to rain on everyone's parade but the rear shocks fitted the Electra X can't be dismantled which is why I fitted Hagon shocks which can be dismantled to fit a different rate spring.
Posted: 04:51pm 3rd February, 2018
Mark M Subject: That hard suspension
Oh well, I didn't know that! Thanks Papa,

REgards, Mark
Posted: 06:35pm 3rd February, 2018
ericpode Subject: That hard suspension
Now that is interesting. Perhaps someone from H will tell us why they advertise softer springs for the Electra X on page 151 of their catalogue.
Posted: 06:51pm 3rd February, 2018
Alan R Subject: That hard suspension
Hi Guys------- I don't know the Electra X in detail but here's the relevant page from our hosts Parts book on-line and it would appear that the top of the shock units have the damper shaft either screwed or pinned into what one man puts together, another one can dismantle --- it's just a case of finding out how....At this stage my Engineering "gut feeling" is the shaft is screwed and loctite fitted..................4709
image url
Posted: 02:18am 5th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: That hard suspension
Try this}-------- On the left of this page select}--"Technical Notes"----"Suspension" ------"Rear Shock Absorbers" ------now scroll down to the second page and look at photo 3.....The notes say that the Electra X has a single collar with a vertical split, which---after compressing the spring --- you remove in the usual way..
Posted: 02:31am 5th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: That hard suspension
TYPO !!!--------- that should read }--- "Radial split" not vertical...
Posted: 02:34am 5th February, 2018
Wayne Subject: That hard suspension
I am sorry papasmurf but you are incorrect - the Electra X rear shocks do come apart - the top screws off the damper rod - I have fitted our Hosts softer rear springs on mine.
Posted: 11:59am 5th February, 2018
Presto Subject: That hard suspension
Please see excellent technical note on servicing rear shocks on this site to see method of dismantling these units - under 'Technical Notes' (!)
Posted: 02:48pm 5th February, 2018
papasmurf Subject: That hard suspension
Wayne, on my Electra X they were not able to be dismantled, (plus they were as far as I am concerned junk.) Hence the Hagon shocks.
Posted: 02:50pm 5th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: That hard suspension
Hi Papasmurf------ Maybe they weren't OE items ??......not to worry, at least you have gained a decent set of known quality shocks from a reputable manufacturer...Nice, soft springs eh ?---Uh-oh!!---I feel a song coming on-------> ------>

Posted: 04:27pm 5th February, 2018
ric Subject: That hard suspension
I hope you've informed your insurance company ;)
thought I'd add that little snippet before someone else did.
Posted: 05:19pm 5th February, 2018
ericpode Subject: That hard suspension
Thanks for all that input chaps. It think there must be two types of shocks used on the Electra X. Mine do not look like pic. 3 in the technical notes. The top is all one smooth casting with no slots or separate collars. It looks as though I have the same type as Wayne. Can you tell me a little more Wayne? Obviously you had to compress the spring first but was there a lock nut on the top of the damper rod or is the rod unable to turn so you just unscrew the top casting? Also what did you think of your new springs, are they much softer? I have been promised some assorted springs to try later but I may still end up buying new ones from Mr H.
Posted: 06:11pm 5th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: That hard suspension
Hi guys------Hi ric} Regarding informing Insurance Companies....As I understand it they hold a list of "Approved accessories"......and as the name suggests you are allowed to fit these items without having to inform anyone...It's probably a good idea to contact your particular company and ask for a copy of that list...The main problem with aftermarket items is}--"Does that item/items significantly alter the description and/or the performance of the bike as declared by its' owner for the purposes of insurance cover" ???..........Now I'm NOT involved with the Insurance business but have had a few "close encounters" during 50 years of motoring to be just a little bit cautious and wary.......
Posted: 11:27am 6th February, 2018
ericpode Subject: That hard suspension
In conclusion, it looks as though papasmurf may have encountered some rogue shocks that could not be dismantled. My experience today is that rear springs can be changed on an Electra X and it is a quick and easy procedure. First step is to buy a length of 8mm threaded rod with four nuts. Using bits of steel from your junk box, make up a simple spring compressor. Total cost about £2. Compress the spring enough to let the short top shroud drop down to expose the thin 27mm a. f. nut that locks the top trunnion to the damper rod. Clamp said trunnion in vice and unscrew rod with 27mm open ended spanner. Loosen off spring clamp, remove spring and fit softer replacement, compress and re-assemble. I now have rear suspension that moves when I sit on it!
Posted: 03:53pm 9th February, 2018
Adrian Subject: That hard suspension
I believe papasmurf has stated previously that his bike was not a factory-built bike, it was put together here in the UK. We don't know what shock absorbers the builder chose!

Posted: 01:16pm 10th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: That hard suspension
This is where a photo or two would have helped I think ??
Posted: 05:40pm 10th February, 2018
Bulletbarber Subject: That hard suspension
Hi guys, That hard suspension again, I have a 2017 machine, gas shocks, The softer springs to suit, What are these like? Softer? my weight is, 75 80 kg. Anybody had experience with these springs. In Australia hagons cost about 500 dollars softer springs from host maybe 100 dollars, A lot cheaper option. Cheers David Barber
Posted: 01:37am 25th September, 2018

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