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Interceptor 650---

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Interceptor 650---
Started at 09:38pm on the 4th February, 2018 by Alan R
Alan R Subject: Interceptor 650---
Hi guys------Have just returned from the Bristol Bike show having had a good look and a sit-on the new 650 Interceptor twin...........Here are some images---------what do you think ??

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Posted: 09:38pm 4th February, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Interceptor 650---
One thing. At 47bhp, it's pretty much bang-on the 35kw upper end for A2 restricted motorcycles. At that they've given themselves a real pop at a niche in the UK market. There will be 19-24 year olds for whom this is the most powerful bike they can ride. From previous power restrictions (like when they had the 33bhp restricted access one) bikes which are natively on the upper limit tend to be what people go for rather than being a bit under or a bigger bike with a restrictor.

That is, if they have been sensible enough to drop the listed power a smidgin because the 47bhp power output listed on the RE website is actually marginally over 35kw (35.05 to be prescise). That would be a very small margin to shoot yourself in the foot by.

Looks-wise. I'm afraid I find it a bit ordinary but that's personal taste I suppose. Ordinary isn't necessarily a bad thing either. Ordinary can build you a reputation for being able to build a workable, reliable motorcycle. Then go for out of the ordinary. It worked for Triumph. Their first "new" bike after their resurrection was a totally vanilla inline 4 sports tourer.
Posted: 10:37pm 4th February, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Interceptor 650---
I'm not at all certain that fuel filler cap is construction and use compliant?? I thought they put a stop to sticky-up ones?
Posted: 10:39pm 4th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: Interceptor 650---
I think at this stage we must remember that this is a pre-production, demonstrator model to give potential buyers a general "feel" of the overall concept...........The other option model ( Drop handlebars and rear-sets ) wasn't even on show to day.....Here's the publicity}-------

and here's a few more images}---------- BILD0678 BILD0674

Posted: 01:49am 5th February, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Interceptor 650---
To me the cafe racer version looks better and fits me better too, though why they didn’t call it the Constellation is a bit strange. I mean, Continental GT, for a twin? Come on. Also, the two variants are too similar. Why not one with decent mudguards, like the Bullet range, and silencers parallel to the ground? 47bhp is too weedy for me; I’ll keep my 69bhp Thruxton until RE does a full fat, preferably 360 degree, version. Just like the first BMW 1200GS l/c and, more recently, the Triumph Bobber 1200cc those who waited a year get s much better bike than the first edition. I’ll hang fire for a bit to see what happens....Hopefully the range won’t solely be aimed at newbies.
Posted: 10:22am 5th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: Interceptor 650---
I'm for the other side of the coin }--- This machine with deeper front mudguard, a pair of hard, detachable panniers, an open rear rack and a medium-screen-----all set up for touring ......Yes, there's room for development there in both cases----come on Mr.H, get stuck in !!!
Posted: 10:53am 5th February, 2018
Mark M Subject: Interceptor 650---
They've shown different versions of the bike in the States including a chrome tank model. I suspect they're testing customer reactions at the moment. I'll ask my inside source and see what he knows!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 11:59am 5th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: Interceptor 650---
Sorry Mark--------he doesn't appear to be home at the moment !!------------------

Posted: 12:33pm 5th February, 2018
Alan R Subject: Interceptor 650---
Although I was able to sit on the bike I didn't have time to take it off the mainstand and use the prop stand etc.... or to feel the balance when actually on its tyres....but judging from the You-tube videos of the prototypes on test runs in India it would seem agile enough for my ageing needs LoL !!......I'm hoping that the local agent here in Shropshire will have one ASAP to try out..
Posted: 12:42pm 5th February, 2018
Chris [Stockport] Subject: Interceptor 650---
The pictures show a handlebar brace: Which bikes have/need these and which don't?

I'd be interested to know; this bike, for example, doesn't look like a rough off-road model that's going to take a battering.

Any technical answers?

In answer to the original question, I would like to see this bike with fuller mudguards, not just plastic extensions. Probably a version in black, too, as I like black....
Posted: 01:39pm 5th February, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Interceptor 650---
That’s what I’m saying; it’s just that of the two types I saw at the NEC I preferred the Continental. Think BSA A10; that’s what I’d like. Something that, like my C5, you can ride in bad weather without the rear end getting absolutely plasteted in crud, as my Thruxton does (so now “would” because it’s not worth the cleaning session if rain is expected). To be a competent all-rounder it would be better with parallel silencers that allow decent hard panniers to be fitted and not at a jaunty angle. AFAIK the Interceptor is the one with a daft brace on the overly wide handlebars - pandering to the USA? Not sure; they don’t sell many REs there, though they are popular down under. The bikes are nice and slim and fairly light and they are a reasonable size unlike my Hinckley twin which appears to have been made from steroid alloy of some sort.... unnecessarily large really. The RE twin is similar to a Commando and much better for it. If RE is gauging customer reaction it’ll have to get a move on to meet states delivery dates.
Posted: 02:09pm 5th February, 2018
Wayne Subject: Interceptor 650---
I have one on order with my local dealer - ETA June - that would be brilliant for the summer but I ma realistic it may be a little later in the year !
Posted: 02:35pm 5th February, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Interceptor 650---
Personally I’d never buy a bike that hasn’t been tested by the bike press or by me. It might be awful.
Posted: 02:39pm 5th February, 2018
Presto Subject: Interceptor 650---
I wish I had one on order with my local agent Wayne!! To me it looks like a very desirable machine. I like the look of the engine and the whole project - both types. The engine internally also looks to be a very fine balance between the modern and the not too modern - advantages of design while still not overwhelmed by electronics and the mysteries of 'hyper-advanced technology'. Bet it sounds good too!
Posted: 02:42pm 5th February, 2018
ric Subject: Interceptor 650---

"I'm not at all certain that fuel filler cap is construction and use compliant?? I thought they put a stop to sticky-up ones?"

At last someone's finally gone the extra mile to build a motorcycle that's gonna grab you by the b&lls ;)
Posted: 05:32pm 5th February, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Interceptor 650---
Great looking bike and with only 8hp less and £2k cheaper than the triumph t100 it has the potential to be a better seller.Thats if it proves to be reliable and has no major issues after 1 year/mileage ownership. What puts me off buying just now is the Himalayan saga with the production and design issues which is available now in Scotland a year after its European launch.
Posted: 05:40pm 5th February, 2018
RocketRR Subject: Interceptor 650---
Looks ok as above and a little safe in styling dept. I think I will be sticking to my Gt and with the money I save buy the Hitchcocks stroked crank and cams etc. Bet that would be a sound worth waiting for 🏍💨💨💨💨
Posted: 08:57pm 5th February, 2018

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