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The New Interceptor

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The New Interceptor
Started at 06:57pm on the 11th February, 2018 by Wayne
Wayne Subject: The New Interceptor
Being an Enfield fan ( of old and new ) I am very keen to place an order for the new 650 Interceptor, of course being a member of the Mid - Shires owners club I know we welcome RE riders of all years, but I would be curious ( hence this message ) of how welcome I would be in the Interceptor owners club? would I be accepted ?
Posted: 06:57pm 11th February, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: The New Interceptor
Of course they would welcome you and your new Interceptor, unless they are very snooty about it, then I would leave that club and find a more acceptable one. Our RE club welcomes everybody, we have Triumphs, Guzzies, MZs and not to mention Harleys (I said not to mention Harleys) and others come on our rides.
Posted: 10:08pm 11th February, 2018
Mark M Subject: The New Interceptor
Speaking as a "member" ( it is only an informal group within the REOC) l'm fine with it and l know Maurice who organises the show stand is. You realise Wayne we'll all want a go! REgards, Mark
Posted: 02:34am 12th February, 2018
Mark M Subject: The New Interceptor
By the way l'm in lndia at the moment and there are no new lntercerceptors obviously but loads more Enfields generally, ( than when l was here 2 years ago) the UCE engine bikes are much more popular than the Classic. REgards, Mark
Posted: 04:24am 12th February, 2018
Wayne Subject: The New Interceptor
Where are you in India Mark ? and of course you can have a go when I get it !
Posted: 10:27am 12th February, 2018
Mark M Subject: The New Interceptor
Wayne l am in Mumbai, or as the locals keep correcting us, Bombay! Thanks for the offer, you can choose which of my bikes you would like to ride, personally l recommend the 1A! REgards, Mark
Posted: 11:33am 12th February, 2018
Presto Subject: The New Interceptor
Hi Wayne - can I have a ride too please??
Posted: 11:38am 12th February, 2018
eddie the seagull Subject: The New Interceptor
Re. not being welcome at the Interceptor club, many years ago the MG owners club were very snooty about the rubber bumper MG B's and Midgets not being 'real' MG's. Maestro's and Montego's with MG badges were definately persona non grata. No doubt they're now crying in their beer over the made in China, wheels put on in England ones too.
Posted: 03:38pm 12th February, 2018
ric Subject: The New Interceptor
Hasn’t anyone started a virtual 650 Interceptor Owners Club yet?
Posted: 07:23pm 12th February, 2018

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