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Champion Spark plug cap

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Champion Spark plug cap
Started at 02:08pm on the 28th February, 2018 by Gazbo
Gazbo Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Thanks for the Ad. First post on here - so apologies in advance if I'm doing it wrong ! Bought an Iridium BPR6EIX11 to try and help cold starting. 1. Didn't realise it is a resistor plug, until reading other forums on here - so thanks for that. 2. Also didn't realise - it has a fixed cap nut ! my chrome cap takes the screw threaded plug type. So I figured - rather than buy another plug, to replace the cap, with a non resistor type, for obvious reasons, but to fit over the fixed plug head, and/or the nut type. Reasoning being this fitting will allow both plug types, as I have spare plug top nuts anyway. Nowthen. I would have liked (for the Old Brit look) to fit the Champion Bakelite cap, but all the ones I have found are resistor type. Does anyone know, if there is a Champion cap, similar looking to the WCX600, (Screw on to lead / to fit nut type or fixed plug) which is NON resistor? I found the black rubber one, and the red one, but you can't see the champion logo on either version, and the red one is resistor anyway. I was sure there would be a bakelite version to suit. (CGT535) I think I can guess the answer - but you never know. Cheers. Gazbo
Posted: 02:08pm 28th February, 2018
Biscuit Barrel Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Oddly Iridium (and platinum ) plugs do not help starting. Their advantage over copper is resistance to erosion, hence longevity. This is great until you try to change them at 100k miles and find they're seized absolutely solid! Anyway, yes the plug you have has a 5 ohm resistance, having a suppressed plug cap as well is not ideal. It should work okay but .... Personally I would fit the best quality non supressed cap I could find and I think you'll struggle to find a good looking example. The Champion WCX600 is, I agree, for a plug cap rather splendid looking, but as you say, supressed.
Posted: 03:15pm 28th February, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
You could unscrew the tops off the last set of NGK iridium plugs I saw for a 500 bullet. Sometimes need a pair of pliers to grip to unscrew them.
Posted: 03:57pm 28th February, 2018
ericpode Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Welcome Gazbo. I would suggest that if an iridium plug has a resistance of only 5 ohms, that is as good as nothing to ignition HT and would want to keep a suppressor cap. Don't know what bike you have but if using electronic ignition the voltage is so high, doubling up on suppressors would make no difference anyway.
Posted: 05:08pm 28th February, 2018
Biscuit Barrel Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Apologies, I should have written 5k ohms, not 5! The Champion WCX600 caps have 8k ohms suppressors so add the two together and it is significant. I remember Boyer pre digital electronic ign recommending a max of 8k ohms but preferably zero.
Posted: 06:35pm 28th February, 2018
Gazbo Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Thanks all. That's more or less what I expected. I just liked the look of the WCX600 CAP. It's what all the brits had fitted when I was a lad in the 60s.I liked the look, but functionally, I'm probably better off with an NGK with the rubber seals on. Still going to change it from the tin bodied one thats on now though, so I can fit all three plug top types.mmmmm. not sure about the iridium now. What causes them to seize in then? Heat? Or just longevity in the head?
Posted: 07:16pm 28th February, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Something that just occurred to me. You may well be able to dismantle the plug cap and remove the resistor. You can definitely do it do it with NGK ones, the brass terminal that goes over the top of the plug is notched and it unscrews from the bakelite body with a screwdriver. Under it is a resistor then a spring. You just need to replace the resistor with something of a similar dimension that conducts electricity well. A cut-down M4 bolt or similar?
Posted: 07:36pm 28th February, 2018
Revband Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Try Green Spark Plug company.
Posted: 10:09pm 28th February, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Iridium spark plugs are usually fitted to modern cars , one reason being the expensive job of pulling half the engine components apart to get access to the plugs, so they can stay there a lot longer. To avoid having them seize, a light smear of Never-seez will do the trick. th_BUAHK699_never_seez
Posted: 12:28am 1st March, 2018
Gazbo Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Ah - Stinkwheel. Nice one. I did see a tube vid about removing the resistor from a plug,which made me wonder about that too. My Dad used to keep a lot of spares in an old sideboard in his garage. he's going to see if he can dig something suitable out. if he has 2,(although it's a long shot !) I could try that on one of them.Worth a shot. If it's a success, I will post on here for anyone that may be interested. The champion caps just look the dogs B******s Leon. Interesting. Not familiar with that stuff though.what is it based on? (Copper/Graphite ?) We have copperslip, and Nickel ease here at work (Mechanical Engineering and fabrication). We use nickelease on super heated steam flange bolts for the same reason. wonder if that would do the trick. I know they are fine with Steel etc, but not sure about Ally.
Posted: 08:08am 1st March, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Gazbo: I hope this is helpful.
Posted: 09:35am 1st March, 2018
albert Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Gazebo I did notice when changing the plug on my CGT 535 that both the original plug and cap were both resistor type as fitted from new.
Posted: 09:39am 1st March, 2018
Biscuit Barrel Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
NGK, Champion and ND recommend no anti seize compound is applied on plug threads. apart from galvanic corrosion from copper grease on aluminium (cyl heads) and the fact the plug has to earth through the threads there is the point of over tightening. Having said that after 60k or 100k miles there is going to be very little lubricant on the threads. In fact none. I use NGK iridium plugs on all my bikes as a fit and forget, but even on my very modern efi 1050 Sprint harder cold starting is noticeable vs copper plugs. I do fit them dry as they'll be in the engine long after the engines are knackered. My Harley dealer fills the plug cap with dielectric grease before connecting to the plugs which is probably a good idea. Harley plug caps are very soft silicone and do seize on the plugs but the grease makes them easy to remove as well as keeping water out.
Posted: 04:32pm 1st March, 2018
Off to the shed again Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Strange. I have in front of me Champion Aviation Service Manual, V6-R. Page 11, Installation procedure of their spark plugs says to apply anti seize compound carefully to the firing end thread. This is also in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual and Lycoming Maintenance Manual. REgards, Chris.
Posted: 11:18am 5th March, 2018
Presto Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
It is incorrect to assume that a resistor plug especially an iridium plug must be used with non-resistor plug cap. This is contrary to NGK’s own advice.
The nominal loss of current when using a resistor cap and plug – about 10% - is more than offset by the efficiency of the iridium plug.
PS In my experience an iridium plug does help starting. I’d not use any other. QUOTE FROM NGK website
All motorcycle manufacturers now comply with current legislation which demands a standard of noise suppression on every vehicle. This is achieved usually by fitting NGK resistor covers though in many cases a combination of NGK resistor covers and NGK resistor spark plugs (R type) is necessary to satisfy the ministry tests. It is emphasized that despite the use of both resistor covers and spark plugs in such engines, due to the unique and superior construction of NGK products there is no loss of performance or shortening of service life.
Posted: 12:04pm 5th March, 2018
ric Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Ironically because of the requirement of modern systems and their need to have the correct amount of suppression, NGK only guarantee that their iridium plugs (recommended for use in such applications) actually come fitted with 5kilo Ohm of suppression.
All their other plugs from the less than premium ranges vary in resistance.
Posted: 12:28pm 5th March, 2018
Gazbo Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Well - I bit the Bullet (No pun intended.) Bought a champion WCX600 180 cap. ( 10KOhm). Coz they look right ! so I will have 15 kOhm total with the iridium in there too. Had a look on some close ups on line. it doesn't appear to have the screwdriver slots for stripping to remove the resistor, so...... You know the best weather forecast - is to look out of the window ? Well - I'm going to try it anyway. suck it n' see. I'll eyeball the existing spark, and visually compare it to the new setup, with the plugs out of their nest, before proceeding. As long as I'm not going to ruin any of the ignition components, I'm not over worried. (Can always revert if it's a duff setup anyway !) cap not yet arrived. I have a rubber booit (As they say in sunny Yorkshire) to fit betwixed cap and lead, to keep the wet stuff out. Also bought some dielectric gloop for inside the cap. if she runs ok I'll try the bucket o water test.(At the weekend - when she's not in demand ! If all is well - I'll report back here.
Posted: 08:25am 7th March, 2018
John L Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
All this, just to fit an iridium plug (which won't help cold starting, and which the bike certainly doesn't need ?? The mind boggles.......... (Sorry, just my jaded view....)
Posted: 10:06am 7th March, 2018
Presto Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
Different experiences here on iridium plugs. I have found that they definitely help starting - in 2 strokes and 4 strokes. I have used NGK and Denso iridium and would always fit them. They are cheap enough. Technically and in use they are in my view a far better product. ;-)
Posted: 11:27am 7th March, 2018
Gazbo Subject: Champion Spark plug cap
John L. I never intended to bang on forever about it, it's more of an experiment than anything. My bike is always 3 or 4 presses of the start button, before she fires. (Fine once running) I bought an iridium after reading Hitchcocks bit. Unfortunately - the horrible tin cap won't fit, as the nut is not removeable, so needed another cap (which I wanted to change anyway. Sorry if it gauls you, just asking for advice - thats all.
Posted: 03:19pm 7th March, 2018

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