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Ensign Trials Tyres

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Ensign Trials Tyres
Started at 03:53pm on the 28th February, 2018 by sb
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Hello, is any one on the forum, using the ensign trials tyres that our hosts are selling. If so could describe a little about them, the 350//19 or the 400/19. Would like to know at how they feel while on the road and what grip they have in cold wet/ damp roads. Also do they have a high side wall to the tyre in the above sizes, or might there be much movement on the rim, if the bike was heavy loaded. Thank You for any Details. Simon
Posted: 03:53pm 28th February, 2018
martyn15 Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
ive been using 3.5 x 19 front and rear for a couple of years. a little vague on the steering but as I just potter about its not an issue. I had to lift the front mudgaurd to clear the tread. higher sidewall than the usual road tyre and the rear tyre doesnt clear the ground when the bike is on the centre stand. seems pretty stable overall and I havnt noticed any issues re grip in the wet. i guess they'll never be as good as a road tyre but I doubnt I'll be getting my knee down in the corners anytime soon. you could always fit rim locks if off roading with low tyre pressures.
Posted: 09:13pm 28th February, 2018
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Thanks, for your reply. I used a K37. Square profile, very large sidewall, suited more to the ural 3 wheel outfit. This was a 400/19, fitted to the rear of the enfield. A few problems to make it fit & not perfect, for the width of the swing arm and height of the rear fender. The bike did roll real nice on the road, always got the feeling that the rear of the bike was always pushing the front of the bike, a higher side wall tyre on the 19 inch front wheel or a 21 inch front wheel would maybe have corrected this ????????? Maybe. I rode a mountain fire road/track which was rough, with a lot of channels dug across every hundred feet, to stop washout. The 19 front wheel with a heidenau k60 fitted, fell into every channel, a real pain. The larger side wall tyre to the rear just rolled over it, with out any problems. The rear of the bike felt like a steam roller, just took on the rough terrain with ease, with the tall tyre. The hard compound of the german tyre, is a little vague, on our, cold / damp / wet roads. I can see where there is a problem with these tyres on a larger heavy bike, being pushed into the corners ect. I will try one of the Ensign Trials to the rear, very soon, will be interesting to how it feels when the bike is loaded with luggage. I hope it will suit my needs, because running 2 wheels the same size and 2 tyres the same, makes for bringing, only one spare tube when the bike is on the road for longer trips. Tyre choice is so easy and simple with modern bikes, not so easy with our old school enfields, as always the search goes on to improve a old design, in our modern world. Keep Smiling & Keep The Wheels Rolling.
Posted: 11:25am 1st March, 2018
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Front view of the Heidenau K60, 19 standard rim. Don,t be afraid of getting your Enfield Dirty, they are build for hard work. Front curve on mudguard has been removed for easy removeal out on the road. Less height need to romve or fit the wheel back in after repairs / punctures ect. Keep it simple & make it work for you. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posted: 11:58am 1st March, 2018
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
You can see, the height, of the Heidenau K37, 400/19 on the rear rim. Felt like a steam roller, making easy any bad road conditions. the bike is dirty with road miles ect, but is very well looked after. If it breaks down, i have only myself to look at & blame. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posted: 12:12pm 1st March, 2018
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Let Your Enfield, Take you on Advetures, of the Heart. Let the Wonderlust within you free, Ride with a Friend, sitting below you. Life is to short not to. a href="" target="_blank">Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posted: 12:19pm 1st March, 2018
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
A Good Day, is when your Royal Enfield Smiles with you. The Road is like Life. A JOURNEY, BUT I,M JUST PASSING THROUGH, TIME & DISTANCE, BEFORE THE CURTAIN FALLS, AND THE END OF SHOW. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posted: 12:45pm 1st March, 2018
Scalyback Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
I got Ensigns on Tornado, but then Tornado is a 'hard' bike, Does fields, byways the lot.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Scalyback for ever!
REOC 15084

Tabellarius de verbis. Ostensor gaudium
Posted: 05:02pm 1st March, 2018
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Thanks for the photo, i can see the height of the front tyre, on the rim, when i put a order in with the Hosts i will invest in a tyre, tried a lot of tyres over the years, some good, some ok & some crap. The terain and the load to the bike changes each week, to my working needs. The bike is a work horse, 12 months of the year through every weather. Over 200,000 now on the bike, still strong with plenty of life still left. The adventure are hard on me, my gear and the bike. A lot is asked of the royal enfield, but it always come through will flying colours. Thanks.
Posted: 06:02pm 1st March, 2018
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Adventure put great demands on tyres, some days they work good, other days a little more care is needed. Image and video hosting by TinyPic A wet day crossing the glens, slipping and sliding. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Loaded and ready to rock & roll Image and video hosting by TinyPic Have some fun. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posted: 06:38pm 1st March, 2018
Rusky Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Hello SB, I fitted 3.5 x19 Ensign's to my 500 bullet a couple of years ago. I rate them highly. Some say they don't handle well, I disagree. You will have to raise front mudguard a little, I made a couple of extender brackets, works well. I had to cut 4inches off rear mudguard but it was behind number plate so looks fine. Good luck
Posted: 10:40pm 1st March, 2018
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Thank You, for your reply. Its good to hear, that you are happy with the tyres. I like the thought of the higher side wall tyre to the front. Should make life on the road a little more easy.
Posted: 10:13am 2nd March, 2018
Rusky Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
SB, I would send you some pics showing close up of tyres and how my brackets work if I could find out how to post pics on this forum !!!
Posted: 09:49pm 2nd March, 2018
sb Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Thank You, but having answered to another post, due to smart ass childish comments, i would rather use my time in a better manner, that suits my adventures. I will not be posting here again. Safe riding and thanks for your reply.
Posted: 11:29am 3rd March, 2018
Alan R Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Rusky-------try this}---
Posted: 11:43pm 3rd March, 2018
another Allan Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Hello Simon. I was looking forward to seeing more reports about your travels on your diesel Enfield and I am disappointed that you have decided to leave this forum. I don't know how long you have been on here, but I've been here for a few years. Yes, there's some leg-pulling but I have never seen anything that was intended to be derisory about a member or his bikes. Alan R and Leon are regular contributors whose comments are constructive. Of course, we can all get the wrong end of the stick - anyone reading the Little & Large post without having read this one first may surely be forgiven for being unaware that the Enfield pictured was actually your bike. I know that it is no skin off your nose whether you post on here or not. All I can say is that I'm sure that there are many who'd be interested in more inof about your travels.
Posted: 08:43am 5th March, 2018
another Allan Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
'info' not 'inof' !!
Posted: 08:44am 5th March, 2018
Mark M Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
I'd be interested, the pictures in Scotland (?) really caught my attention, excellent scenery and well composed. The points you photographed and the way you positioned the bike so that it was large enough but not too large to dominate the scenery was nicely done, unusual in these kinds of travel pics which usually go for a more 'awesome!' type of wide screen snap. Show us more. Just my thoughts!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 09:44am 5th March, 2018
Alan R Subject: Ensign Trials Tyres
Hi Guys------ looks like sb's other thread has been withdrawn.....I too would like to see some more photos of the Scottish Highlands as I spent the last few years of my RN Apprenticeship as a teenager based at Rosyth and at least twice a year we engaged in "Initiative Training" exercises ie}--- 6-man patrols walking and camping based on anything up to a 40 mile set route.....Rannoch Moor, Glencoe, Callendar, The Trossachs etc....This would be 1968/9, I rode a Honda CB160 and was Secretary of the HMS Caledonia Motorcycle Club.....Happy memories !!
Posted: 03:55am 6th March, 2018

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