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Bump Stop Bike Stands

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Bump Stop Bike Stands
Started at 07:02pm on the 4th March, 2018 by beamish
beamish Subject: Bump Stop Bike Stands
A year or two back I dropped my RE off my trailer when trying to load it. An unhappy, and costly experience, which also took the gloss of the impending holiday on Isle of Man. I would like to transport my present RE by trailer, but have lost confidence. I was thinking of attaching a "Bump Stop" to the trailer to give some assistance. This is not (by my standards) a cheap piece of kit and I wondered whether any of you had any experience of this gadget on a trailer, and if so did it help? The trailer is a modern single bike item, but a big robust effort with full size wheels. Thanks in advance.
Posted: 07:02pm 4th March, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Bump Stop Bike Stands
My racing mates use them in their vans. By all accounts, you can pretty much JUST use that to hold the bike up (if you're feeling brave). Once they're locked in, they are pretty stable.

I have also seen one in a recovery truck on castors so you put the bike onto the stop at ground level then winched the stop up the ramp taking the bike with it and lock it in place.

They are also marketed as wheel chocks.
Posted: 07:17pm 4th March, 2018
Alan R Subject: Bump Stop Bike Stands
Hi Beamish--------back in the day I designed, built and raced my own 250..350 and 500cc Grass Track bikes.( Tig Perry frames ie..ANTIG)..and ..( Southern Centre ACU No.176 )......I had a 2-bike trailer based on a Morris 1000 rear axle....The front part of the trailer had a vertical frame across the width with a height of about 4ft....Dropping down from top to bottom were pairs of angle iron that were spaced wide enough for the bikes wheel to wedge into......The attached photo shown is for push bikes but demonstrates the idea---only bigger..........Maybe a 12v winch placed at the front would be better than trying to push AND balance the bike at the same time ? 50b2ae03243febbcfa0a0861c17ffa27_kayak_trailer_car_trailer
Posted: 09:28pm 4th March, 2018
beamish Subject: Bump Stop Bike Stands
Thanks both. Stinkwheel useful feedback. Alan, smart trailer - way beyond my capabilities - and the winch thing is one to ponder. The thing is I sometimes forget that I am not as strong (or confident) as I was when I started with motor bikes 50 or more years ago and so what were simple tasks have to be given thought. Thanks again.
Posted: 09:52am 6th March, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Bump Stop Bike Stands
Found a commercially available wheeled one in the US.

And a UK supplier of simething similar.

None of them cheap but could be a basis for a home-cooked version.
Posted: 12:22pm 6th March, 2018
scotty Subject: Bump Stop Bike Stands
Hi Aldi in australia had these on sale a couple of years ago $70 or so worked well had it bolted to a box trailer and a couple of bits of 4x3on both sides of rear wheel tight against side of trailer.Advantage unbolt unit and you have a useable box trailer unlike a bike trailer that you cant use for anything else.even thought of cutting a hinged flap in front of trailer to let front wheel come through and bolting the wheel clamp unit to drawbar rachet straps on bars to side of box same at rear over wheel, think the ones at rear came from Aldi like a pad with four straps.tows rock steady too.
Posted: 04:38am 7th March, 2018
beamish Subject: Bump Stop Bike Stands
Thanks again. Sold my old Meriva today so have enough funds to cover Bump Stop and nice shiny engine plates. Roll on some nice Spring weather.
Posted: 11:47am 7th March, 2018

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