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Model G No Spark

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Model G No Spark
Started at 11:26am on the 11th March, 2018 by Hardhat_Barry
Hardhat_Barry Subject: Model G No Spark
Before I strip the engine I wanted to get it running but I have no spark. I have searched a couple of threads and found how to set the points but I have noticed that my magdyno doesn't have two wires coming out of the front of it. Are these wires fundamental in producing the spark or do they just provide electricity for the rest of the bike? I have a workshop manual coming so hopefully these type questions will reduce once I understand how these old bikes work.
Posted: 11:26am 11th March, 2018
Bullet Whisperer Subject: Model G No Spark
The two absent wires will be from the dynamo part of the magdyno and will not affect the spark, or lack of.
Posted: 12:14pm 11th March, 2018
Marko Subject: Model G No Spark
My model G had this problem too, after studying the information i had (workshop manual etc etc) i realised that the magneto was toast in my eyes and beyond my capabilities. Rather than have it reconditioned i decided to fit a Thorspark conversion which has turned out to be a brilliant bit of kit. I'm sure there are people here with magneto knowledge, afraid i'm not one
Posted: 12:23pm 12th March, 2018
Hardhat_Barry Subject: Model G No Spark
I'll look up Thorspark, my plans at a later date is to make it as user friendly as possible, on my 61 Triumph Speed Twin I upgraded to 12v, larger stator, electronic ignition and Twin Leading Shoe.
Posted: 12:45pm 12th March, 2018
Hardhat_Barry Subject: Model G No Spark
Tonight was emotional did some points cleaning and fettling on my Model G it produced a spark and putting a drop of oil down the bore has brought the compression right up. As I ran into the house arms aloft and announced this amazing achievement to the family I was congratulated most heartily (well the missus murmured "well thats good innit"). Onward and upward
Posted: 09:03pm 12th March, 2018
Revband Subject: Model G No Spark
Well done that man, on a dynamo bike I would always stick with the magneto, no matter what happens with the charging system you will get home and that counts for a lot.
Posted: 09:32pm 12th March, 2018
Alan R Subject: Model G No Spark
Thorspark ----Nordic God of Plugs maybe ??
Posted: 12:19am 13th March, 2018
Alan R Subject: Model G No Spark
Here you are --------
Posted: 12:22am 13th March, 2018
Revband Subject: Model G No Spark
Thorspark is good?, But with a dynamo powered bike I am far happier with a good magneto, it's self powered and normally trouble free, a dynamo has great difficulty supplying enough power to run electronic ignition especially if used in traffic at low speed, with lights on it has no hope.
Posted: 08:18am 13th March, 2018
Alan R Subject: Model G No Spark
Just a thought but isn't there a company who can fit an alternator system as a replacement to the Dynamo innards ??.....that way you keep the looks but enjoy modern reliability ..
Posted: 11:06am 13th March, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Model G No Spark
Alan R, Try contacting AccuSpark or Demon Treeks.
Posted: 11:30am 13th March, 2018
Alan R Subject: Model G No Spark
Hi Mister Smurf-------should that read}--- Demon Tweeks ( ) ???
Posted: 12:07pm 13th March, 2018
Adrian Subject: Model G No Spark
+ 1 to keeping the magneto portion of the magdyno as a working magneto, though having it serviced would be an excellent idea. There will be people here who can recommend someone reliable.

On the dynamo front, again I'd recommend having it repaired, then you can either keep it for 6v lights or use a modern solid state voltage regulator to convert to 12V.

I'm not sure about converting dynamos into alternators, but what you CAN get is a range of alternators designed as a direct replacement for the Lucas motorcycle dynamos, made by Alton in France. Over here they can be bought from BT-H, the electronic magneto suppliers. Not cheap, though.

The nuclear option would be a complete magdyno replacement using a BT-H for the mag partion:

as well as an Alton generator on top.

Once you have added up the price of those two, the cost of getting your existing magdyno overhauled will suddenly look a whole lot less painful on the wallet...

Posted: 12:28pm 13th March, 2018
Marko Subject: Model G No Spark
Not that I have anything against magnetos (I do have a k2f on my Connie which works well) but I did fit a Thorspark on model G. My bike still has the dynamo (60w) fitted although I did fit a 6v solid state regulator. Anyway when I was fitting the thorspark and playing around with my home made wiring loom I made a small cock up and connected the feed for the thorspark directly to a terminal on the ammeter... get the picture so far?..... I put an on/off switch (for ignition purposes, so I thought) near the battery... I started the engine (2nd kick) and there it was ticking away, happy as a bunny I was! Went to switch it off and it just kept ticking away! It was running on the output from the dynamo! Couldn't stop the damned thing! (I dispensed with the valve lifter, if I can kickstartt a 750 triumph who needs a valve lifter? well, those were my thoughts)I eventually stopped it by deliberately stalling the bike - I rode into the garage wall. Conclusion: the dynamos on these bikes are more than up to the job of powering a Thorspark & provide lighting; the model G Is a brilliant little bike (underrated!).... Paul Henshaw aka the Bullet Whisperer is currently doing another one of his ASBOs - only this time its the humble model G... i'm watching that with interest :)
Posted: 02:04pm 13th March, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Model G No Spark
Alan R correct it should be Demon Tweeks . (I am having some health problems at the moment, but thankfully I don't live anywhere near Salibury.)
Posted: 04:12pm 13th March, 2018
Mark M Subject: Model G No Spark
Demon Tweeks do alternator replacements for dynamos to fit cars but I can't find anything on their site for bikes. The Alton units are lovely bits of kit but eye-wateringly expensive! I just hope the dynamo I picked up from a club member for the Ebay Bullet works...

REgards, Mark
Posted: 04:32pm 13th March, 2018
Hardhat_Barry Subject: Model G No Spark
Its a runner!!!!!
Posted: 06:39pm 13th March, 2018

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