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Read this and weep !!

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Read this and weep !!
Started at 12:51pm on the 13th March, 2018 by Alan R
Alan R Subject: Read this and weep !!
Hi Guys----------- this has just come to my attention....It truly beggars belief}------ 20180313_093633
upload png google

I wonder just how many other items were "Lost" in that fire ??
Posted: 12:51pm 13th March, 2018
Presto Subject: Read this and weep !!
Is THIS appropriate for this site? I don't think so.
Posted: 01:07pm 13th March, 2018
Adrian Subject: Read this and weep !!
Alan did post it and the social/other category. Possibly a bit too "other" for a specialised motorcycle forum, perhaps, though the American RE forum has a suitable section. A.
Posted: 03:41pm 13th March, 2018

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