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EFI neutral hard to select

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EFI neutral hard to select
Started at 08:20am on the 2nd April, 2018 by Smithy
Smithy Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
Hi all. I have a 2016 Classic Chrome which is great in all aspects but one. I am finding it increasingly difficult to select neutral at a standstill. It's a classic scenario with older British bikes, i.e. if I select neutral just as I'm rolling to a stop it's fine, but if I fully stop it's impossible 9 times out of 10. Is this a common fault and if so is there a fix? Smithy
Posted: 08:20am 2nd April, 2018
John L Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
The fix is :- Clutch adjustment ...
Posted: 09:46am 2nd April, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
The only clutch adjustment available is cable slack; in my experience unless it is significantly too slack it won’t make much difference. Worth checking though.
Posted: 09:52am 2nd April, 2018
Smithy Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
Thanks for the idea chaps but I have the clutch adjusted as per the workshop manual. Any other thoughts? Ian
Posted: 10:24am 2nd April, 2018
Alan R Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
Hi Guys----- It'll only be an adjustment issue if the clutch as a whole is perfectly normal and ok...BUT, it might be that the friction plates are swelling with heat over time and / or the plain plates are warped...Are they the OE plates as originally fitted ??....

Is everything ok 1st thing in the morning, and then the symptoms show themselves as you ride, or is this problem there all the time ??..........Try this idea}--remove the spark plug...with the engine turned off and the bike in 1st gear, pull the clutch lever to fully disengage the clutch.....Now, as you continuously turn the engine over with the kick starter slowly release the clutch lever and try to feel for the feed-back of the clutch engaging........If the engagement feels smooth and even then it's likely to be the heating-up issue.............If it feels snatchy and uneven then those plain, steel plates are likely to be the cause.... Actually there may be up to 4 places where an "Adjuster" can be found ie}----- the 2 ends of the cable, an in-line expanding adjuster, and the pushrod adjuster nut in the centre of the pressure plate...Any one ( or more ) of those can have an effect................ Please note that my comments are based on experiences with multiplate clutches of a generic design within many different applications.....I'm assuming that your bikes clutch is of the same type ??
Posted: 07:20pm 2nd April, 2018
Haggis Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
The clutch cable has no adjuster at the lever end, only one at the gearbox end. No inline expanding adjuster and no pushrod adjuster. So only one adjuster to twiddle with on the UCE motor.
Posted: 10:24am 3rd April, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
That's what I was trying to say. Unlike a more conventional Brit bike clutch there is no provision for truing the pressure plate via spring adjustment or for setting the pushrod freeplay. So, if the clutch is adjusted correctly it's either an issue with the clutch itself, the gear selector mechanism or, possibly, the wrong type of oil. FWIW my clutch plates stick if I don't use the bike for a few weeks. Fortunately I have a kickstarter so can free them off in time-honoured Triumph fashion. I tend to select neutral while on the move anyway; mine will go into neutral with the bike stationery though.
Posted: 10:38am 3rd April, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
Ignore a lot in here if the clutch runs in the engine oil, but it might be of some help.
Posted: 11:25am 3rd April, 2018
Smithy Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
Hi guys. Thanks for the thoughts. I am tending to think it is connected to swelling clutch plates as the problem definitely gets worse as the engine warms up. Would I be right in thinking that the OEM clutch plates are somewhat bargain basement? I know it can't be wear as the bike only has 5200 miles on the clock. I've decided not to worry too much about it as I too am used to the rolling neutral technique and everything else about the bike is just right for me. Ian
Posted: 02:35pm 3rd April, 2018
Haggis Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
Mines a 2016 C5 as well and I have to say it a very sweet changing gearbox and clutch. Slips on and out of neutral at a standstill, hot or cold, with no effort at all. Maybe a change to different make of oil might help?? I use Castrol Racing 1 15/50 which is a fully synthetic oil. I have another bike that uses this oil so Enfield gets the same.
Posted: 02:57pm 3rd April, 2018
Smithy Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
Hi Guys I thought it might be interesting to let you know how my neutral selection has been cured. I adjusted the drive chain (not the primary chain) and since then the bike has slipped into neutral beautifully. I don't know why but it has worked so I'm happy. Ian
Posted: 09:33pm 14th April, 2018
Haggis Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
Good to hear. Was your chain too tight??
Posted: 10:19am 15th April, 2018
Smithy Subject: EFI neutral hard to select
Thanks Haggis. Strangely the chain was too slack. I don't understand it but it has made the bike so much sweeter. Ian
Posted: 07:31pm 15th April, 2018

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