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Started at 04:24pm on the 12th April, 2018 by Charlie bob
Charlie bob Subject: Bullet
Hy my first time here l have a brand new bullet efi abs done 1000miles why can l not get more than 70 mph out of it l ran it in 600 miles no more than 50 mph is there any mods l can do
Posted: 04:24pm 12th April, 2018
Super45 Subject: Bullet
Hi Charlie not 100% sure what the run in period is but that doesn't sound right on a brand new bike Take it back to the dealer is my advise as will still be under warranty if brand new
Posted: 04:52pm 12th April, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Bullet
It's a (claimed) 27bhp, low compression, 200kg motorcycle. I'd expect the top speed to be just a little over 70mph. So you're probably in the right ballpark. I wonder how the EFI models are for carbon build-up? Would anyone with more experience of the UCE recommend de-coking the head post running in?

Any engine can be made to go faster, it's all down to money. The more you spend, the faster they go.

Here would be a reasonable place to start looking:
Posted: 04:54pm 12th April, 2018
Trev Subject: Bullet
Oo'er that's a can of worms you've opened up there ; ) As I'm sure many will come along after me and point out, if you wanted to do more than 70 you've bought the wrong bike. Although the efi is supposed to put out 27bhp it still doesn't mean you'll be racing many 125's and winning. Joking aside, it may be 'ran in' at 600 miles but it will loosen up a bit more over the next couple of thousand miles and you should be able to coax a little bit more out of it then but you will still do well to see 75mph on the speedo on the flat. Mine is well ran in (9000 miles) and a less restrictive silencer and a K&N have definitely pepped it up a little (despite what some will tell you) and I run a one tooth larger sprocket on the front. It runs up to 65/70 pretty easily and will show over 75 on a (very) long straight but the occasional times the needle troubles 80 it's either with a strong tail wind, going down a long hill or me crouched over the bars like I was sixteen again. And it really isn't comfortable at anything over 70 for long, it gets all vibey, windy, bouncy, blowy uppy and why didn't I use another bikey. They are great bikes, huge fun and can be hustled along back lanes surprisingly quickly but definitely not made for outright speed. Hope you come to terms with it and enjoy your new bike - Trevor
Posted: 05:02pm 12th April, 2018
Mark M Subject: Bullet
I understand that a certain Company put a new Continental GT on the dyno and got 22bhp at the rear wheel. With a lot of work they got it up to 27bhp. Stated figures for the Indian Enfields have always been optimistic, I think that's fair to say, but there also seems to be an element of luck involved, some bikes are very good and some aren't!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 05:48pm 12th April, 2018
Andy M Subject: Bullet
What MPG figure are you getting? I ask as I've found the plug (never fit a Bosch), airfilter (make sure its sealing) and oil level (dealers over fill) do make a huge difference. Check the chain, they are **** but there is no other choice due to the oil bath outside the sprocket. My 2017 will show 80 on the clock but thats it, realistic top speed is 75, the speedo is optimistic. If you are getting under 80 mpg it needs setting up correctly (run-in does naff all, this is a 2012 design not 1947 metallurgy wise, I just rode mine normally until the 600 oil change). If you are getting over 80 mpg and it feels happy at 60mph, that's it, trade it in for a Bonneville or XSR they are better made and a lot lot faster. Andy
Posted: 06:21pm 12th April, 2018
Andy M Subject: Bullet
Edit to add: maybe try the Italian tune up, find a long hill and see what it'll do. A babied engine way just be sooted up, they do wear and soot the plugs. Andy
Posted: 06:24pm 12th April, 2018
Alan R Subject: Bullet
Hi Charlie......I'm in full agreement with the others on here..........If you are looking for a "Retro" 500cc single with real grunt and attitude, that will take you up to 90 mph or more then you've bought the wrong bike !!...Sorry matey but that's it straight from the shoulder...............Here are 2 suggestions that are GENUINE retro machines from the 1980's, are still available and can still hack-it on today's roads}------1) HONDA XBR500 ( ) --------2) YAMAHA XT500 ( ).......Incidentally I have both a Bullet and an XBR 500.........Guess which one needs the most attention ??..........
Posted: 07:36pm 12th April, 2018
hagis Subject: Bullet
My 2017 bullet and has now done 2600 miles was run in for 1000 miles, as I felt 600 miles was to short a running in period. I run mine up to 80 mph and cruise at 70 mph as the norm, The only thing to stop this is head wind, The force of the wind against your body will hold the top speed down, I have not yet tried to get to the claimed top speed of 86 mph, I will change the front sprocket for one that is one tooth larger and with the raised gearing it should on a still day run up to 86 mph with no problem.
Posted: 10:44pm 12th April, 2018
scotty Subject: Bullet
Hi my 2016 bullet would not go over 100kph, blokes on iron barrels ran away from me on slight hills got the usual crap from dealer much better when its got more klm on clock. Took it to another dealer he pulled injector and fuel pump apart could, nt find anything wrong but could have been a bit of crap in fuel system. Got it back and down motorway hit 125kph no bother and a lot smoother, running on 98 octane. There are dealers who care and the clowns who just want to sell bikes.
Posted: 10:06am 13th April, 2018
sofiaspin Subject: Bullet
I have a new 2018 with 75 miles on the clock. It has our hosts 50s exhaust system but I may add the S&B filter and pull out the airbox contents. I have been told repeatedly that they need to get 2000 miles under them before they loosen up. Certainly that was the case with an Efi Woodsman I had that would zip along at 80mph on the motorway. I plan to do a couple more oil changes than the book says up to about 3000 miles. The running in max speed is something that seems to divide opinion, particularly with modern synthetic oils. I think 50mph is max for the first 500 miles or so, but mine has touched 55mph on a couple of downhill bits. I don't think it matters too much and concentrate more on working the gearbox so the engine does not labour, but Hagis might have a view on that? For higher speeds a power commander is the next step but seems to me a bit over the top.
Posted: 10:21am 13th April, 2018
hagis Subject: Bullet
I would agree 2000 miles is the point at which they loosen up, My continental GT535 has now done 5000 miles and has got better and better with every mile, it runs up to 80 mph to easily and I have to back it off to ride at the speed limits, These EFI bikes do seem to need a few thousand miles on their clocks to run at their best.
Posted: 11:08am 13th April, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Bullet
Ain't no fun riding an unfaired motorcycle at a constant 70mph.50 to 60mph is fine by me.
Posted: 12:55pm 13th April, 2018
ericpode Subject: Bullet
Didn't realise we had so many overseas members. Of course it don't matter here in UK as we have a blanket 70mph speed limit ;-)
Posted: 01:00pm 13th April, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Bullet
Laws are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men....
Posted: 01:13pm 13th April, 2018
Charlie bob Subject: Bullet
Thanks guys that was a great help will keep you posted as l put on the miles just as a after though l am having to change dealers as the one l got it from is total idiot does not have a clue how to fix enfields do not buy from unit3 classic Manchester but lmt Louth great helpful people
Posted: 04:54pm 13th April, 2018
PeteF Subject: Bullet
There you go Charlie, told you you'd get the answers.
Posted: 05:02pm 13th April, 2018
Davie Hall Subject: Bullet
I have a sixty 5 with 3000kms on it. The first time I rode it it ran OK but not as well as my previous Electra X. On the first decent run of 400 miles over a weekend it was a different bike. It was more responsive, smoother and easier to start. Maybe yours just needs a bit longer to loosen up. I was maintaining 60mph on the motorway on the way home , but on the way it wasn't happy at 60, so it has settled down now and I would think running in is finished
Posted: 09:49pm 13th April, 2018
Davie Hall Subject: Bullet
I forget to say it will now run past 70mph easily
Posted: 09:50pm 13th April, 2018
Alan R Subject: Bullet
Hi guys.........I have to ask this question of those who are quoting speeds}---- Was that figure taken from your bike's own speedo ??......As we all know by now they can be VERY optimistic to say the least......I'm now on my 4th Bullet ( 2nd Bullet '65 ) and usually calibrate my speedo at 30mph and 60mph by getting a friend to drive his car in front and indicate when at those particular speeds...Having noted the actual readings I'll then place a thin strip of red insulation tape over the speedo glass....

I think it's a bit unfair to compare a '65 with an Electra X.....The '65 is a heavier version of the old standard Iron barreled 500cc Bullet, what with the starter motor, bigger casings and larger battery, whereas the Electra X's standard trim is like the next stage up in tuning and performance...............Incidentally one advantage of driving at a steady 60mph is that you can read the mileage on a road traffic sign directly as "time-to-destination" because 60mph equals 1 mile per min. thus 10 miles to exit will happen in 10 mins. time .......Again, just for interest sake but please bear in mind that 30mph = 44 feet per second, and thus 60mph = 88 feet per second.... So if your total reaction time is one second then anything that occurs within that distance envelope in front of you will be beyond your reaction control....
Posted: 01:04am 14th April, 2018

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