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First real job

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First real job
Started at 11:17am on the 15th April, 2018 by Jamesy
Jamesy Subject: First real job
After completing my first years engineering apprenticeship at Dock Street Leith it was back to Scottish and Newcastle's maintenance shop in Hollywood Edinburgh.First day back big Alec the gaffer says here's a wee job for you son.Its the cylinder heed of a mini and a want yea to give it a wee skim on that lathe.4 jaw Chuck cinncanti, job trued up and 16 year old Jim's thinking this should be done on a surface grinder.Its 1967 anything can happen.Job done.My treat; taken through the streets of Edinburgh by a Scottish champion rally driver at hair rasing speeds and turns.
Posted: 11:17am 15th April, 2018
Jamesy Subject: First real job
This should have been posted under social but when you complete the post admin you get three blank options to post it under?
Posted: 11:22am 15th April, 2018
PeteF Subject: First real job
Back in the day it would have been done on a shaper.
Posted: 06:11pm 15th April, 2018
ric Subject: First real job
Shaper's? 4 jaw chucks? You were lucky, back in the day we used to use a couple of virgins armed with flat bottomed spokeshaves.
Nigh on impossible to use that same method today. I mean where are you going to find a couple of flat bottom spokeshaves?
Posted: 03:50pm 16th April, 2018

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