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New project 4

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New project 4
Started at 06:31pm on the 15th April, 2018 by arty70
arty70 Subject: New project 4
I have posted a few pictures of my 1960 bullet previously the winter has been spent making fittings to attach my sidecar ( age and vertigo have driven me down this route ) the frame is from a mass bike and is a velorex design and the standard RE fittings don't match up so lots of mixing matching and machining has taken place.The bike is now on the road for testing taking it out leading how to turn left and right when the clutch started misbehaving.again. This timeout would not disengage and the adjuster started to come slack after a few miles. Attempting to adjust the clutch produced a solid lever. After much head scratching we decided the clutch arm was hitting the inner gear box cover also taking the cable off showed it has kinked at the end .next I checked the clutch lever lots of wear in its housing at least a millimetre maybe 2mm also a difficult repair.Next just for piece of mind I striped the clutch to check the push rod and plate's , working fine.plan so far order the correct clutch cable either re_bush the clutch lever housing (difficult) or shim it with my favourite material Coke can or buy a new foot change cover from India ( as our hosts have cables but no new cover) Any advice or experience appreciated
Posted: 06:31pm 15th April, 2018
John M Subject: New project 4
If your clutch cable and adjuster go slack for no apparent reason check the nut that holds the clutch basket on, especially if you use a nut and spring washer rather than the later nylock nut. Don't ask how I know, (fond memories doing mechanical first aid at the side of a Lakedistrict track).
Posted: 07:43pm 15th April, 2018
Chris Tindal Subject: New project 4
Might not be much help but here's my experience. If it's a 1960 gearbox, the Indian cover will go on and work, but it will overhang by a couple of mm as they are overall slightly bigger. It will also be more flexible than your original so will benefit from the cover modification kit. It may be better fitting a period one, they are still quite easy to find. I had a similar problem with my 59 clutch as in the lever would go solid when I screwed out the adjuster on the bars. It turned out all the plates where the rubber friction type and the outer dished steel plate was missing. Correct plates and assembly cured it.
Posted: 08:47pm 15th April, 2018

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