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Continental GT Questions..

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Continental GT Questions..
Started at 11:29pm on the 15th April, 2018 by Precocious_Chap
Precocious_Chap Subject: Continental GT Questions..
As per the subject,I'm looking at buying a GT as my first bike. (19 years old) I'm looking for a bit of guidance on what to look for, which years if any to avoid / priorise and values in general. Do these bikes hold their value over time? I seem to see many sitting around £3500 regardless of year.. Finally, what is the deal with the KPH speedos? Many I have seen in the UK have a KPH speedo yet others have the correct MPH? Cheers, Jack
Posted: 11:34pm 15th April, 2018
Mark M Subject: Continental GT Questions..
Jack, 535 GT right? Be aware that Enfield India re-used the name from a British built bike of the 60s which was a 250. You won't find this in the history of the new 535 but the UK launch of the bike was a big affair and the importers provided at least 100 bikes for the journos to ride which were then passed on to the trade to sell. I think these bikes kept the price low in a small market and the effect may still be being felt in re-sale. Remember, Dealer prices are always higher to reflect their margins and warranties. However, the standard bike is a bit under powered by today's standards so lots of owners have fitted after market parts, mainly from Hitchcocks. If you can, find one that has had some good bits fitted, they won't bump up the price much if at all and will be well worth having. As to the clocks, I can't help there, sorry!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 08:15am 16th April, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Continental GT Questions..
Precocious_Chap, I have to ask how good are your spanner wielding and electrical skills?
Posted: 08:42am 16th April, 2018
Precocious_Chap Subject: Continental GT Questions..
Mark - Yes, the 535. Thanks for the info. The performance 'issues' are really the only thing putting me off buying one at the moment.. I have seen reviews saying that is isn't as bad as some make out and vice versa. I have been looking out for one with the Hitchcock kit fitted - I did see one but it had been 'Got at' by the latest owner! Papasmurf - Fortunately, pretty good! - we have a number of old bikes and cars at home (BSA A10, C15 SS80, Triumph T-140 etc..) also I have a classic mini and work as an electro-mechanical service engineer. Cheers Guys
Posted: 03:26pm 16th April, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Continental GT Questions..
Precocious_Chap in that case you should stand a better chance owning a Royal Oilfield and not having a nervous breakdown than most.
Posted: 03:40pm 16th April, 2018
Precocious_Chap Subject: Continental GT Questions..
papasmurf - Ahh yes - we had a friends constellation in for some work.. the floor still hasn't recovered...
Posted: 03:56pm 16th April, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Continental GT Questions..
As a general rule IMHO as far as the UCE models are concerned I would go for the latest. Whilst the improvements in quality control have been glacial, progress has been made and I believe it is fair to say that the Euro IV compliant one’s are the best of breed. This is true of the B5 and C5 anyway. The problem is that date of registration is not a reliable indicator of date of manufacture as many were unsold for some time after the initial wave of interest. (The supplying dealer of my LE Despatch gave up on them after a year or so, having at least three CGTs still in his showroom, with all the other UCE bikes. IIRC all the early CGTs came with a kph speedo. Better to buy one already equipped with a PCV and aftermarket silencer and intake. They don’t cost much more anyway.
Posted: 06:09pm 16th April, 2018
Alan R Subject: Continental GT Questions..
Hi Matey !!---- welcome aboard !!.........Have a look at the first video on here, especially the very last comment}---------- ..........and here's a review from our cousins "Down under"}------- .............basically the bike's in two halves ie}--1) The rolling chassis with a modern frame purpose-designed by Harris Engineering, then there's ---2) The Engine....Have a look at those bikes now into 2nd or 3rd ownership to see what's been the experiences etc....
Posted: 02:49am 17th April, 2018
Smudger Subject: Continental GT Questions..
The clocks are both KPH and MPH with luck of the draw which one is most prominent. I was unlucky and the prominent display on mine is KPH. MPH is still clearly visible so I don't find it a problem. My Gt was a launch bike and has a few goodies and I love it and have 30 odd years of continuous biking years behind me riding all sorts. As you probably haven't got anything to compare it too as it's your first bike it's difficult to say what you'll make of it. As for them holding their price....I wouldn't buy one as an investment but it will give you a lot of fun and something different from the norm!
Posted: 06:41pm 17th April, 2018
Alan R Subject: Continental GT Questions..
Would that be dear old Norm in Australia ???........He used to post on here regular
Posted: 10:20pm 17th April, 2018
ric Subject: Continental GT Questions..
Smudger, I've heard an oft repeated rumour (mainly by someone with one) that the very first batch of Ace Cafe press release GT test bikes had slightly hotter cams fitted. Have you noticed your's to be a little quicker than the production line models sold via the dealers?
Posted: 07:10pm 18th April, 2018

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