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Short exhaust

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Short exhaust
Started at 02:30pm on the 26th April, 2018 by Lord-Toady
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
Hi I ordered this:

Price: £35.00 (Excl. VAT)
Price: £42.00 (Incl. VAT)

It is only 46 quid including shipping and I dont mind the dent, I read that the indian made short exhaust has a nice sound, the longer pipe to go with it is not available but I figure I will probably be able to sort out a bit of stainless tube to extend the original with a couple of clamps if I need to until it is. I currently have the long stock exhaust on my 93 indian made Bullet 500 but all the chrome is flaking off in places and it came from the previous owner covered in scratches like someone had taken a wire brush to it.

I have the hitchcocks original style Indian made chrome airbox and the stock Micarb, do you think the carb will need to be rejetted for that muffler?

cheers Graham

Posted: 02:30pm 26th April, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Short exhaust
Check the table at the top of this page:

There are companies on ebay who will make you a stainless link pipe with pretty much any diameter at each end.
Posted: 03:45pm 26th April, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
Cheers it looks like I will need some new jets then, I take it without rejetting it will run lean, and backfire and pop instead of pulling properly.
Posted: 05:28pm 26th April, 2018
Mark M Subject: Short exhaust
I've just put one of these on the Ebay Bullet and it is quite quiet so l'd guess it has plenty of back pressure maybe not needing rejetting? REgards, Mark
Posted: 06:32pm 26th April, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
I might be wrong but I get the feeling my bike is running very rich already, it has never ran at all with the choke on and dies with that straight away and the plug was black when I last checked. I find the choke just sometimes helps put some life into it if I am having trouble starting and as soon as i hear the engine try to fire up I turn it off and it normally starts on the next kick with a bit of throttle. when I bought the bike it had a cone air filter on which I have swapped back to the more original style airbox from hitchcocks . I will just have to see how it runs with the new exhaust and rejet if I need to.
Posted: 07:12pm 26th April, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Short exhaust
Just a thought, but have you checked what jetting is in there now? If it came with a cone filter, it might already have a different jet and slide fitted?
Posted: 08:52pm 26th April, 2018
daveh Subject: Short exhaust
I put one of these on my Enfield 350 bullet from 2001. Initially it was jetted as standard, the plug insulator tip was looking a little white. Nothing catastrophic; but I rejetted accordingly to Hitchocks' table, and now the plug is slightly grey, which I gather is healthier. The noise is just right I think: a satisfying thump without being offensively loud. For the downpipe, I used It was cheap, however, the chrome wasn't that great and after a winter's riding started pitting. I put some high temp lacquer on it which has put a halt to the corrosion. I believe our hosts can also sell you a suitable downpipe that may be better quality.
Posted: 10:50pm 26th April, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
Well the short exhaust silencer has arrived and I am impressed with it, it is not the one in the picture and the dent is not as noticable and I dont think it will even show when the exhaust is fitted. I have now realised that I better get the front pipe to go with it as it has two brackets welded to it to bolt to the frame. The original silencer has two bolt brackets so the pipe needs to be longer and have a bracket to fit. Our hosts don't have the longer pipe available anymore but I have found one seller on ebay in India that sells it so have ordered from there.
Posted: 02:40pm 30th April, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
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Posted: 02:43pm 30th April, 2018
Alan R Subject: Short exhaust
Hi Guys----------- try this instead}---
Posted: 02:50pm 30th April, 2018
Adrian Subject: Short exhaust
I may have a spare bracket for that... A.
Posted: 10:37am 2nd May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
Oh no this is damn annoying, the exhaust pipe turned up today from India and is just a standard short pipe for the normal long silencer. :(


Now they are asking me to provide dimensions for the pipe I actually wan't how about just send me the one in the bl**dy picture on the listing as I dont have the dimensions for something I don't have. Its a shame Hitchcocks can't supply the long pipe anymore it's there in the new catalog teasing me with no longer available printed next to it.
Posted: 03:52pm 8th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
I think my bike is running rich as I hit reserve the other day and I must have only done about 100 miles since I first filled it up which doesnt seem that great for a small bike. The odometer on my speedo is broken it turns very slowly so I should address that, it also explains the bikes apparant low milage and lack of use over the years between mots by previous owners. I could do with a new speedo, I wonder if they do a nice looking Smiths one with a little trip counter and reset button as well. BTW I have heard back from my Ebay seller, offering to send me the proper exhaust if I close the case and lose my buyer protection so have told them no. ;) I should have just spend £100 on the silencer hitchcocks do with the long pipe and second bracket already on it to fit the short pipe.
Posted: 09:02am 9th May, 2018
Adrian Subject: Short exhaust
Not only did your Indian supplier send you the short pipe instead of the long pipe, but it's for a 350 instead of a 500. If you measure the pipe's outside diameter you'll find it's only 1.5", except at the silencer end with the short section of 1.75" pipe welded on so that the silencer off a 500 can be fitted.

Our hosts offer their own long pipe/short bottle silencer system (catalogue no. 200087 for the 500), you could buy one of those and sell on whichever silencer you don't use.

I don't think any of the replica Smiths speedos from India have the trip counter and reset button. If you want that, you'll have to cough up for a Smiths' original, though a fully-overhauled and correctly calibrated genuine chronometric Speedo would be a very nice present for your bike. Otherwise one of the Puca Smiths electronic speedos could be used. Pricey, though.

Posted: 10:49am 9th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
Yep I took it out to the bike and could see that the diameter of the pipe is too narrow and doesnt match so assumed it was for 350. I told them that, I will have to see what they say, I saw that English made pipe but it works out a bit expensive also I read somewhere that the Indian made one from Hitchcocks has the best sound. Hopefully they will send me the long pipe, and it will fit otherwise I will get my money back from ebay.
Posted: 11:13am 9th May, 2018
Adrian Subject: Short exhaust
That particular pipe is available from more than one supplier on ebay, though maybe Mr H. could be persuaded to sell you one of his own from the 200087 kit separately.

Posted: 11:19am 9th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
Yay they came through for me in the end and the proper exhaust arrived this afternoon at work. :)

It has the same label as the muffler I got from our hosts, Chennai Quality 2, I guess that means good second rate quality, but it looks alright and means they are a matched pair :) I have ordered some Granville Black high temp RTV silicon to fit it with and am going to get a cooling ring as well. Now if I can order that pipe off ebay, why can't Hitchcocks have them available, would have paid a few quid more for saved agro. PS. Now I have a spare exhaust for a 350.

Posted: 03:47pm 15th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
I think I need to cut a bit of the end of the pipe where it goes into the head so that it all lines up. I guess they make them a bit longer up there so you can fettle them down to take into account differences between bikes.
Posted: 01:25pm 16th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Short exhaust
Crikey, fettle!!? I am a biker not a bleeding blacksmith! ;)
Posted: 03:18pm 16th May, 2018
Adrian Subject: Short exhaust
Fettling is good, get used to it! :o) Measure twice, cut once, etc, etc.

Regarding our hosts' supply of these pipes, I have seen an instance where our hosts have ceased stocking an Indian part because of quality issues, might they have had a few too many rejects with these?

You can either sell the 350 pipe on, not on here of course, or buy a 350 Bullet that needs a new exhaust pipe.

Posted: 03:52pm 16th May, 2018

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