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Be careful out there

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Be careful out there
Started at 01:04pm on the 6th May, 2018 by papasmurf
papasmurf Subject: Be careful out there
Where I live there has been a significant number of deaths of motorcyclists in the last few weeks.(Not the usual for the area motorcyclist only accidents.) Please be careful out there.
Posted: 01:04pm 6th May, 2018
Barry N Subject: Be careful out there
Yes, it's a bit of a worry. I try to give all cars a wide berth these days and assume that they are all going to pull out in front of me! And headlights on of course. Ride safe everybody!
Posted: 02:22pm 6th May, 2018
p Subject: Be careful out there
I ride in Spain mostly: I've taken to wearing a fluorescent waistcoat over my normal jacket - it's the same colour the police wear, and it's amazing how much more space/consideration/respect I seem to get out on the road! Maybe it's because I'm more visible - but I suspect it's more than that....
Posted: 09:43pm 6th May, 2018
Scalyback Subject: Be careful out there
Can't remember if I posted Aprils giggles? 

Scalyback for ever!
REOC 15084

Tabellarius de verbis. Ostensor gaudium
Posted: 11:14pm 6th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Be careful out there
I had a nasty scare last night which is annoying as I am going getting my confidence back on bikes after dropping my bike last year, so still have that in the back of my mind as it was about this time last year. I took an evening ride along the coast to Pagham harbour and watched the sun go down just enjoying the cool summer evening. Was doing about 20mph and saw a car emerging from a driveway about 50 yards ahead. He waited until I was 15 foot away before pulling out to turn right across my path. I almost had to put the bike on the pavement the other side of the road and just missed him. The sooner I get my short bottle exhaust fitted the better as people might hear me coming better, I know the headlight is dim on the Enfield but it is not that dim and I have the pilot lights as well. Ride back in the dark then was a bit hairy with the thought of that in my mind, I was going for the brakes at every car that appeared from a side road. :(
Posted: 10:03am 8th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Be careful out there
I think maybe a Sam Browne belt would be suitable for wearing on a Bullet.
Posted: 01:18pm 9th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Be careful out there
Hmmm, I think I need to buy another one and use it to modify this one, it is more in keeping with the vintage biker style of the 1940s and 50s. Unfortunately the style did attract some comments from my mates when I showed them as the Marlon Brando look has been a bit hijacked for us bikers.

Posted: 10:30am 16th May, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Be careful out there
Personally I would like this accessory:-
Posted: 11:25am 16th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Be careful out there
Ha ha, that would show em. :)
Posted: 11:32am 16th May, 2018
OldBoy67 Subject: Be careful out there
Sometimes being careful is just not enough. Earlier this year I parked the bike, took off my crash helmet and was walking down the pavement talking on the phone to my wife when a car swerved across the road and onto the pavement (so I was subsequently told by the police). Wrote off the bike and the next thing I know I'm in the back of an ambulance on the way to a major trauma centre with severe head and other injuries. I would have been far safer on the bike!
Posted: 05:50pm 16th May, 2018

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