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Folding Kickstart

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Folding Kickstart
Started at 05:52pm on the 9th May, 2018 by Aethelric
Aethelric Subject: Folding Kickstart
I find the standard top folding kickstart a little awkward. It stops me putting my foot comfortably on the footrest. Has anyone tried the bottom folding kickstart Part No 570242 from our hosts. It looks like it leave a bit more room for my right leg.
Posted: 05:52pm 9th May, 2018
burcotbullet Subject: Folding Kickstart
Not tried it myself but would be interested to hear peoples feedback as i have the same issue, may be something to do with size 12 feet !!
Posted: 06:31am 10th May, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Folding Kickstart
When I asked out hosts about it the folding kickstart it is only for certain models as it is not strong enough for other models.
Posted: 06:48am 10th May, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Folding Kickstart
From the parts book:- This kickstart folds at the bottom which allows it to fold neatly out of the way. Fits 4 or 5 speed (none EFI models) and Electra EFI models only. BOLT NEEDS MODIFICATION FOR NON - EFI MODELS (before E5: U5S5F0AB003637 G5: U5S5F0AB003654 19/02/10)
Posted: 06:51am 10th May, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: Folding Kickstart
Just move it back one notch on the spline, problem solved.
Posted: 10:39am 10th May, 2018
Beezabryan Subject: Folding Kickstart
Do as Leon has said, it is a cheap fix :)
Posted: 11:06am 10th May, 2018
Aethelric Subject: Folding Kickstart
Leon was right. It's a better solution. Wish I'd read it before I bought a folding one. Oh well.
Posted: 11:57pm 18th May, 2018
Aethelric Subject: Folding Kickstart
Update Even moving the kickstart back a bit on the splines I found it better but not perfect. So I fitted the bottom folding kickstart. I actually mounted it a couple of spline forward. I find it much better. It's out of the way when I'm riding and can get a longer swing on it to start the bike so the bike starts on the kickstart more reliably. I did have to take a grinding wheel to put a groove on the bold before it would fit. It's a definite improvement.
Posted: 10:28pm 12th June, 2018
mauri Subject: Folding Kickstart

had this kickstart for a while, and yes it does liberates the space for your boot.

only problem is that its more of a novelty kickstart(dont forget that is was made for the efi's with electric start), because it bends badly.
and will keep on bending till its useless.
i have tried hardening it but its steel is just to mild to start with.

the kick start of a XT500 or a cb750 works better, depending on the type of exhaust you have.

Posted: 11:28am 13th June, 2018
Aethelric Subject: Folding Kickstart
Thanks Mauri
Papasmurf mentioned above that he had been told the kickstart was not strong enough. Strange because it looks more solid than the original but I guess it's due to the materials. I'll keep an eye on it.
Posted: 01:10pm 13th June, 2018
Mark M Subject: Folding Kickstart
Judging by Ebay prices the Honda one is way cheaper. Are the splines the same? REgards, Mark
Posted: 01:14pm 13th June, 2018
mauri Subject: Folding Kickstart

there’s a smal discrepancies in the splines, but they fit well enough without risk of slipping.

these two from terry weedy are of good quality, but pricy.

Posted: 05:50pm 13th June, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Folding Kickstart
Aethelric, our hosts in the parts catalogue state the kickstart is not strong enough and also told me that over the phone. It is the stress on the folding pivot point which folding at the bottom of the kick start is massively increased. (Physics, levers, and so on.)
Posted: 08:40am 14th June, 2018
Aethelric Subject: Folding Kickstart
Papasmurf I wonder what bit will break or bend first. The forces are not straight forward when you swing on a kickstart. For example at the bottom of the swing the force is mainly downwards and the force on the top and the bottom of the kickart is the same. The pivot at the bottom looks like a 10mm diameter post with a heavy duty circlip holding it on. That bit looks pretty solid.
When unfolded. it does stick out further from the engine than the original and it maybe the forces on that will cause that bend to increase as it bend further. That sounds like mauri's experience. Time will tell - I'll keep the original handy.
Posted: 05:22pm 14th June, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Folding Kickstart
Aethelric, it will break at the folding point.
Posted: 05:27pm 14th June, 2018

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