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Missing Gear Changes

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Missing Gear Changes
Started at 03:18pm on the 14th May, 2018 by Bullet EFI Trials
Bullet EFI Trials Subject: Missing Gear Changes
I have a 2011 Bullet Electra that has recently started missing gears when down selecting. It doesn't do it all the time, but it is becoming frustrating and a little dangerous when you think you are in gear and nothing happens. I have only had the bike about 6 weeks and it was absolutely fine for most of that time, just the last few days when this has started happening. It has also jumped out of gear a couple of times. Does anybody have any experience of similar issues and any idea of the likely causes? Thanks in advance.
Posted: 03:18pm 14th May, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Missing Gear Changes
"They all do that Sir." Hold the gear lever in position and let the clutch out before you take pressure off of the gear lever.
Posted: 03:34pm 14th May, 2018
Lord-Toady Subject: Missing Gear Changes
I can vouch for that, keeping pressure on the lever until the clutch is let out has trasformed the ride for me, that is the trick so glad I read it on here while searching the posts. Pete Snidal also says to do that in the Bullet Service Manual. I was getting very nervous of the false neutrals and kept hitting them at the worst possible time always when pulling out onto a main road when I most needed the power. Instead of being able to speed up with the traffic I ended up coasting with the clutch in trying to right gear. I still get a lump in my throat when letting the clutch out after changing from second to third but its getting better. ;)
Posted: 04:04pm 14th May, 2018
Alan R Subject: Missing Gear Changes
Hi Guys -------- that's the EFi model with UCE gearbox ??..........OK, well short of spending the rest of your life employing "Urban Myth" changing methods when out riding with "The Lads", let's get down and technical ( for that's what's at the root cause of this behaviour ) and apply a few of those leetle grey cells..........

This box is very similar in concept and construction to the 5-speed box that was fitted separately onto the Bullet '65 and, a foot-operated pawl & ratchet mechanism that operates a rotary camplate whose machined channels operate sliding gearwheels and dog clutches which in turn are on a mainshaft and a secondary shaft................In the '65 model the camplate is vertical and at the rear of the box whilst the UCE one is horizontal and placed over the mainshaft etc...When you change gear then one of the two pawl and ratchet mechanisms will come into play...........UP for up change and DOWN for down change...........Both pawl arms normally have an adjustable stop to prevent overthrow BUT I know that in the case of the Bullet 65 they are not fitted..........I suspect that the UCE box will be the same, but I've yet to actually strip one fully...There is also a heavy duty centralising spring.............In your case the "Neutral" that appears is usually the one between the next ratio down---and the one after that--ie you've overthrown past the gear you want to select and are in a false neutral, as it were......................So why are there these "false" neutrals you might ask ??..........If you were to select two ratios at the same time then the box would lock-up and the clutch will probably rip it self to bits in the process.........................Hydraulic ( or Pneumatic ) Sequential Control on epicyclic boxes has a very definite "Neutral" between each ratio to protect the brake bands from being severely damaged.........At this stage I'd like Paul Henshaw to show us some of his videos on the UCE gearbox.....I've looked but can't find them !!....................
Posted: 08:56pm 14th May, 2018
Bullet EFI Trials Subject: Missing Gear Changes
Thanks for the comments guys. Holding the gear lever down certainly resolves the problem, but it still seems strange that it didn't do it once for the first five weeks of riding the bike and then every other gear change for the last week. It's possible I changed my riding style overnight, but I do wonder if something else has exaggerated the problem. In your experience does it happen more with a worn clutch or old oil for example? Thanks again for your thoughts.
Posted: 04:11pm 15th May, 2018
CGT 535 Subject: Missing Gear Changes
Posted: 09:57pm 16th May, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Missing Gear Changes
Posted: 07:20am 17th May, 2018

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