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Indian Enfield Petrol Tap

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Indian Enfield Petrol Tap
Started at 06:03pm on the 14th May, 2018 by Starfield
Starfield Subject: Indian Enfield Petrol Tap
I have an early (circa 1966) Indian 350 bullet which has a 1/4" BSP petrol tap fitting. The reserve position on my present tap no longer works despite copious application of the airlines I would like to replace it as I also snapped of part of the pipe connector so that the fuel pipe is not really secure any more. Our hosts don't supply a bsp connection tap any more. You have to buy a 1/4basp to 12mm adapter and fit a German made tap which is quite expensive. I have searched the internet and I can find plenty of 1/4" bsp taps but they are only single supply and I have some of those already. Even the Indian sites don't seem to have anything suitable unless anyone can prove me wrong. The adapter solution does appeal as I have a number of MZ taps (which do have main and reserve supply) which require a 16mm by 1mm pitch male thread. I can find 1/4 bsp to 16mm by 1.5 pitch adapters but so far not a 1/4 bsp to 16mm by 1mm type. Does anyone know if they exist? last resort is to try and persaude one of my clever friends to actually make me one but I would prefer to avoid that. I may be reduced to using the single supply tap and carrying a litre of spare fuel in the top box but that does carry a risk I would prefer to avoid. PeterF
Posted: 06:03pm 14th May, 2018
Adrian Subject: Indian Enfield Petrol Tap
If out hosts no longer have anything suitable THIS might interest you:

Could need new cork inserts, though.

Posted: 06:39pm 14th May, 2018
Mark M Subject: Indian Enfield Petrol Tap
That's odd, l've just bought a 1/4" BSP tap with reserve from Hitchcocks for the Ebay Bullet which is 1955 so l'm confident it is that thread. I will check it later if you want to follow it up? REgards, Mark
Posted: 07:06pm 14th May, 2018
Starfield Subject: Indian Enfield Petrol Tap
Seems like you may have bought the last one. They are now showing as no longer available.
Posted: 08:43pm 14th May, 2018
Mark M Subject: Indian Enfield Petrol Tap
In that case, sorry. But l didn't have a tap at all so you have an advantage! REgards, Mark
Posted: 09:08pm 14th May, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Indian Enfield Petrol Tap
They have all manner of 1/4BSP fuel taps. Only one of them seems to be out of stock?

Unless you mean you want that specific one? In which case they still stock 1/8BSP ones in that style and 1/8 to 1/4 BSP adapters are readily available on ebay. For example:
Posted: 10:58pm 14th May, 2018
Starfield Subject: Indian Enfield Petrol Tap
Thanks for that URL Stinkwheel, I had not found that page. I was using the spares book pages where they only list one type. Anyway, I found what I wanted and have placed an order. PeterF
Posted: 07:53am 15th May, 2018
Presto Subject: Indian Enfield Petrol Tap
Just to avoid confusion – in the excellent 2018-2019 Bullet catalogue our hosts have just supplied I can see any amount of ΒΌ BSP/GAS petrol taps – 7 to be precise – with or without reserve. As always if we need it they have it!
Posted: 11:18am 15th May, 2018

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