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Fork Bushes ?

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Fork Bushes ?
Started at 01:26pm on the 15th May, 2018 by klutz
klutz Subject: Fork Bushes ?
My 2004 500 Bullet Sixty5 has some play in one of the front forks, the chrome stanchion can be rocked very slightly in the cast aluminium fork end. Is this a case of replacing worn bushes within the fork ? - it isn't clear from the manual. Many thanks.
Posted: 01:26pm 15th May, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Fork Bushes ?
There aren't any bushes. There are two sets of fork seals seperated by a plastic spacer. Easy to replace but DO buy a protective collar for you to lever the old ones out against. There are also some metal guides on the damper rod but no conventional bushes. I'd imagine a little play would be par for the course though because that isn't a lot to hold them straight by. If they're not leaking, I wouldn't worry too much. Here's what you've got in there.

Posted: 06:31pm 15th May, 2018
klutz Subject: Fork Bushes ?
Many thanks Stinkwheel. There is no leakage so I suppose it would be pointless changing the seals. The play can be felt through the handlebars though so I guess the only cure is a new aluminium fork end.
Posted: 08:23pm 15th May, 2018
Adrian Subject: Fork Bushes ?
The pre-1988 Indian Bullet forks do have bushes, though you're unlikely to encounter a set of those on a Sixty-5, which should match what's in Stinkwheel's picture, hopefully with a bit less rust! A strip-down should give a better indication of what is actually worn, though I'm assuming the forks are properly tight in the fork yoke and the casquette.

Posted: 08:42pm 15th May, 2018
klutz Subject: Fork Bushes ?
I did at first think the headstock was loose but eventually tracked the play down to the left hand fork leg. Removing the bushes post 1988 sounds like a backward step.
Posted: 07:38am 16th May, 2018
scotty Subject: Fork Bushes ?
Silly question is there oil in the fork leg. Alloy fork btms are fairly cheap out of india.
Posted: 08:56am 16th May, 2018
PeteF Subject: Fork Bushes ?
If you can feel it in the 'bars I would be looking to change the sliders. It's not going to get better.
Posted: 10:41am 16th May, 2018
klutz Subject: Fork Bushes ?
That's what I thought. Two sliders ordered.
Posted: 05:24pm 16th May, 2018

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