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Gear changing on Meteor Minor

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Gear changing on Meteor Minor
Started at 05:58pm on the 15th May, 2018 by ed.lazda
ed.lazda Subject: Gear changing on Meteor Minor
Hi all. I know very little about gearboxes, and would appreciate some advice. Recently the Albion gearbox on my Meteor Minor has been giving me problems. Mostly this is when changing down from third to second, less often from fourth to third. The gear disengages OK but then rattles as though gear teeth are trying to engage. I can get round the problem by double clutching. Other than that everything seems OK. Upshifts are fine, and once the gear has engaged it all sounds fine, no worrying grating noises or anything. Where should I start looking, and can anyone recommend a source of information to guide me? Thanks.
Posted: 05:58pm 15th May, 2018
Marko Subject: Gear changing on Meteor Minor
Have a look around for the workshop manual by Pete Snidal ; its a Bullet manual but the section about the albion gearbox is very informative, it'll probably help you.
Posted: 07:22pm 15th May, 2018

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