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2008 bullet 500

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2008 bullet 500
Started at 04:31pm on the 16th May, 2018 by Mr Baggins
Mr Baggins Subject: 2008 bullet 500
for sale my 2008 Bullet 500. kick start, 4 speed, R/H side gear box, carburettor. 2.300 miles. TEL:07904520245
Posted: 04:31pm 16th May, 2018
Adrian Subject: 2008 bullet 500
Would you like to let potential buyers know in which part of the country the bike is located, and what your asking price is? It might speed the sale up a bit.

Posted: 07:34pm 16th May, 2018
Mr Baggins Subject: 2008 bullet 500
oooops, bike is located in the Birmingham area, P.O.A
Posted: 01:41pm 29th May, 2018
rasputin Subject: 2008 bullet 500
hi would you care to put the model is it electric start please
Posted: 01:24pm 31st May, 2018
Mr Baggins Subject: 2008 bullet 500
hi Rasputin If you read the description it does say kick start, however to be CLEAR its NOT the electric start version or the EFI, lean burn or latest version. If anyone out there is interested I would rather email you photo's rather than have a question and answer over the phone, cheers.
Posted: 02:14pm 1st June, 2018
Haggis Subject: 2008 bullet 500
You sound like a dealer I don't go to. You put your phone number up but don't want people phoning you? Is that Birmingham UK? If you want folks to buy you bike then give them all the info they want, need or require. Put some photos on the forum so we can all take a look without having to disturb you.👍
Posted: 04:38pm 1st June, 2018

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