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Efi performance kit C% Euro 4

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Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Started at 02:36pm on the 10th June, 2018 by sofiaspin
sofiaspin Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Has anyone fitted the standard performance kit to a Euro 4 C5 EFI? I am considering it as my bike is sluggish and with poor top end - the old Electra X was considerably faster! Any comments gratefully received. PART No. 90601A PERFORMANCE KIT, 500 EFI's (2017 onwards Price: £845.00 (Excl. VAT) Price: £1,014.00 (Incl. VAT)
Posted: 02:36pm 10th June, 2018
ric Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Have you tried running a higher idle speed to improve WOT fuelling ?
Posted: 10:23pm 10th June, 2018
Haggis Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
How does increased idle speed affect high revs? Idle is altered by adjusting the the air bypass screw. This has no other effect other than at idle.?
Posted: 09:08am 11th June, 2018
ric Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
It would be quicker for you to adjust the screw, ride your bike and agree with me than for me to explain everything ;) but will gladly do so and advise what can be done as a no cost reversible mod to improve top end performance on a stock bike by simply adding more fuel ONLY at WOT which will probably take me over an hour to type.
Posted: 10:30am 11th June, 2018
ric Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Okay, firstly my apologies for the above, i was in the process of checking out of my hotel room and on-line at the same time and my reply does seem a little terse. I’m now relaxing out in the beer garden so will hopefully be able to answer your question...
Posted: 10:54am 11th June, 2018
hagis Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Certainly my standard euro 4 bullet does 20 mph in first gear (hits rev limiter)- 40 mph in second gear hits r/l- 55 in third gear (hits r/l)- 65 mph in forth- and up to eighty in top gear-never have hit the r/l in 4th 5th, It has 18 inch rear wheel and 17 tooth gearbox sprocket, its coming up to a service so I will fit 18 tooth gearbox sprocket at this service for better cruising, these readings are speedo readings, I have not had the chance to compare my speedo readings with other bikes so these will be a bit optimistic, may be worth checking your gearbox sprocket drive size as a bigger sprocket is a cheap performance fix.
Posted: 11:05am 11th June, 2018
sofiaspin Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
The idle speed is set quite high, and increases after a run. The bike is displaying stuttering and surging at LOW throttle speeds, ie on moving off - not at idle. So I am not bothered about idle settings at this stage, that can be tackled if a power commander goes on. I am however, concerned about the R/L, as spotted by Hagis, which is unpleasant when overtaking, a new one on me, and resolving that and gaining more top end is a key motive leading me to ask the initial question. Fitting an 18th sprocket is a sound suggestion and one I will probably pursue. I am interested to know views on whether the kit is worthwhile, particularly the engine bits. I already have hosts full flow exhaust system and the K&N, plus AI elimination kit, so the probable move is for a Power Commander. The exhaust system and filter are producing lean running at lower speeds, but excessively rich at high throttle speeds. It was put on a dyno, hence we know how it is fuelling. Appreciate it is a bit trial and error on the Euro 4 as hosts are still on the development side with the model.
Posted: 11:20am 11th June, 2018
ric Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Sounds like there are other problems/factors here that are not going to be addressed by simple bleed screw and other adjustments. The tighter restrictions and targets that Euro IV present are not helping anyone. Euro V when it comes along in a few years will be worse and add a lot more expense into the mix.
Posted: 11:51am 11th June, 2018
sofiaspin Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Too true - my 2014 Woodsman Efi was a doddle compared to the Euro 4 -
Posted: 12:18pm 11th June, 2018
hagis Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
I have given you my performance figures as a yardstick to bullet performance, and it does look like you have other problems, My thoughts would be to put the bike back to standard, that is removing aftermarket parts and putting original parts back on and see if this makes bike run correctly, then checking its performance against my figures, if it runs ok and you get performance close to mine then you will know where the problem is, and spending money on aftermarket parts does not always work out.
Posted: 12:31pm 11th June, 2018
sofiaspin Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Another thread on here identified the same surging at low throttle, and traced it back to starting the bike up when on the side stand. I may have done likewise, as the bike was running fine, then the stuttering started. It would appear to upset the ECU and the answer might be to repeat, then stop the bike, then start normally. Certainly the mods were done long before the stuttering raised its head. Too many sensors and wires going in and out of the bike. All I am after is for smoother running across the rev range and a bit more acceleration and top end. It only has 1300 on the clock so it will loosen up by 3000.
Posted: 12:52pm 11th June, 2018
oldnick Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Can recommend changing to 18th sprocket on the EuroIV B5. It makes 4th gear more useful on bendy roads achieving 50+ without feeling you are pushing it and cruising at 60 in 5th more relaxed. As to higher speeds, not brave enough to find out.
Posted: 07:12pm 11th June, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Buy and fit a carb conversion kit. Fit whatever exhaust and air filter you want and just rejet etc to suit. Simples. Even better now our host does a Mikuni carb conversion kit. Other opinions are available (but they’re wrong....). Seriously, the carb conversion is the best mod of the many I’ve done on my C5 and, no, I’m not a Luddite- I have a tuned Thruxton that I have remapped myself. I just don’t rate the EFI on Royal Enfields I’m afraid.
Posted: 09:39pm 11th June, 2018
sofiaspin Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
Thanks for all the informed comments, and er, informed opinion. I think a 19th sprocket is needed and Rattle - well you might be right - I just sold my 08 classic iron ES today - but I quite like the Enfield Efi as it is primitive and feels a bit like a carb when running. Having gone this far on Efi mods I am inclined to finish the job with a PC
Posted: 08:23pm 12th June, 2018
andyo Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
does the higher idle speed adjustment mod apply to the E4 continental GT too Ric ?
Posted: 11:44am 15th June, 2018
ric Subject: Efi performance kit C% Euro 4
I don’t know to be honest. The Euro III works off map and lambda for the vast majority of the fuelling but it’s possible to get them to either run weak enough to pink at one extreme or soot the exhaust pipe at the other whenever sitting (temporarily) at WOT . On Euro IV models the factory may well have extended the map range to prevent this adjustability.
Posted: 06:56pm 20th June, 2018

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