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Started at 07:11pm on the 11th June, 2018 by NicoV
NicoV Subject: Puncture
Today I had a puncture. Road assistance transported the Enfield to one of the bigger motorcycle repair shops in Oslo. There they told me they do not touch Enfields :) Well, I said, it is only a puncture. That is a very simple job. No, we don't do that. Only if I remove the wheel myself. I removed it on the spot alone. Removing was no big deal, but putting back was a bit trickier. Anyway, I got a cheap repair. Only paid 300 nok (25 gbp) for inner tube and mounting of the tyre. To me it is ridiculous that a shop in Oslo which has all the gear you can imagine, and plenty of trained staff, refuses to remove a wheel from an Enfield.
Posted: 07:11pm 11th June, 2018
ogri Subject: Puncture
One reason not to live in Oslo??!!
Posted: 08:52pm 11th June, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: Puncture
Of all the motorcycles I have ridden since the 1950s, none have ever had a puncture. I found the rear tyre was losing air on the Bullet, so I removed the wheel and took across town in the car to the dealer who found it was only a loose valve, $5 AUS. So my record remained intact.
Posted: 11:09pm 11th June, 2018
Mark M Subject: Puncture
This is common here in the UK too. It's not Enfields per se, it's all bikes. They don't want the responsibility of perhaps wrongly fitting the wheel. Lots of bike shops have a sign saying repairs to loose wheels only. REgards, Mark
Posted: 06:53am 12th June, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Puncture
It's understandable as there's threads to be stripped,chain tensions to be set up and different set ups on bikes compared to cars.
Posted: 08:09am 12th June, 2018
NicoV Subject: Puncture
I live in Hurdal, 1 hour north of Oslo. I use my Enfield to commute every day during the Summer.
Posted: 09:24am 12th June, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Puncture
I would carry a spare tube/levers or one of those puncture repair cans for emergencies.
Posted: 10:02am 12th June, 2018
Beezabryan Subject: Puncture
That sort of roadside repair is now beyond my capability so I just carry my mobile phone
of course there are a few bits & pieces in the tool box for if something comes loose, a very rare occurence.
Posted: 12:38pm 12th June, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Puncture
Happily, certainly the older style bullets are one of the easiest bikes ever to pop a rear wheel out of, with the exception of some of the single side swingarm bikes (but not all due to idiotic exhaust positioning). I've certainly had a bike shop mechanic exclaim in disbelief when I undid one nut, slid the axle out then pivoted the rear subframe up and rolled the wheel back out in the carpark.

I do however find them a sod to change a tube in at the roadside. Worst thing being pulling the valve through the rim. I also find safety mileage rears a sod to seat, practically impossible with a bicycle pump so my usual roadside repair just leads to a careful limp into a filling station to get a proper compressor to pop the beads up fully.
Posted: 12:59pm 12th June, 2018
Beezabryan Subject: Puncture
"Worst thing being pulling the valve through the rim."
Posted: 04:33pm 12th June, 2018
Smithy Subject: Puncture
A couple of weeks ago I had a puncture whilst travelling on the M62 near Rochdale. The RAC man who came to me rang around some big bike shops to see if they could replace the tube on my Enfield, not a chance. He rang a mate of his who rides a bike and he suggested a small bike shop in Manchester called B&C Motorcycles. The RAC man rang them and the answer was 'of course mate bring it in'. It was a small, fairly scruffy bike shop but the guy didn't need to ask me any questions he just got on with taking out the back wheel, replaced the tube and had it all back together in no time. Just shows you there are sensible people in the world but they don't work in big, shiny bike shops! Ian
Posted: 06:37pm 12th June, 2018
NicoV Subject: Puncture
@Ian Very true ! It is often the small scruffy workshops that have the most gifted mechanics.
Posted: 11:13am 17th June, 2018

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