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favourite ways to replace a gear pinion?

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favourite ways to replace a gear pinion?
Started at 01:40am on the 13th June, 2018 by jacobia stig
jacobia stig Subject: favourite ways to replace a gear pinion?
ey up! its been 12months since my last hitch my good cockers! i hope some of you can spare some time and advise. Enfield Bullet 1992 500cc - i came to a crunch the other day and after stripping the gear box ( 12months exact since kickdog/pawl broke and last delt with this clumsy thing ) i found id snapped first gear into pieces :( the box was a mess and ive ordered a few new bits thanks to our hosts its only been a few days of no mobility, everything is cleaned up and im going to try and rebuild it all tomorrow. so... any good tips for getting this pinion onto the shaft? do i have to remove this top hat type bushing? it looks like a pain in the hoop. steel on steel i think... heating aint going to work... i didnt order a new bushing because im a tight fisted novice ( i just wasnt thinking ) is it possible to remove with harming it? in the parts book its called BUSH, SPLINED, LAYSHAFT it sits into the main sprocket back end of the box. there's a photo here if anyone has the time to spare in this hectic world id much appreciate any seasoned advice. all was working with the gears for the last 12month really well since i last rebuilt it. is it something ive done in the past that has caused the cog to fail is it possible... id ridden around 4000 miles since last box work. very smoothly until this latest hickup. heres some picks of the box after the crunch and then after cleaning - - thanks for all the info on this forum, its a real treasure to a bullet owner and armature mechanic
Posted: 01:40am 13th June, 2018
Mark M Subject: favourite ways to replace a gear pinion?
Try gripping the bush in softjaws in the vice and using a drift and hammer to tap the shaft out of the bush. In extreme cases l've had to sacrifice the bush by clamping directly in the vice. CAUTION! These items are hadened steel so wear safety glasses and be careful! You might also need to heat the bush if first go doesn't work. REgards, Mark
Posted: 07:29am 13th June, 2018

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