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1970 Interceptor Crank Seal

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1970 Interceptor Crank Seal
Started at 11:36pm on the 10th July, 2018 by croni
croni Subject: 1970 Interceptor Crank Seal
I’m replacing the oil seals on the inner primary case. With regard to the larger crank seal and the crank seal washer (page 6 part 20 and 21)… I have the following question: The inner primary seal prevents the primary oil from leaking out – What prevents the engine oil from leaking through the bearing and leaking between the engine and the inner primary case? There’s only a steel washer between the open bearing and the inner case. Thanks - Jim
Posted: 11:36pm 10th July, 2018
Mark M Subject: 1970 Interceptor Crank Seal
I don't know but it doesn't! Seriously, there is a very slight ingress on mine (I have a belt primary fitted so it is obvious) but only enough to pick up on a finger, easily wiped off with a bit of kitchen roll during routine maintenance. I suspect the real reason it doesn't is that the large engine breather on these models keeps the crankcase at a balanced pressure, at least most of the time. Earlier model Twins (Super Meteor and Connie) were much more prone to leaking at this joint.

REgards, Mark
Posted: 10:24am 11th July, 2018

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