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RE Project Bikes

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RE Project Bikes
Started at 07:03pm on the 11th July, 2018 by Adrian
Adrian Subject: RE Project Bikes
Just wondering, has anyone got any RE projects, Redditch, Bradford-on-Avon, Indian or bitsa on the go? Want to share some work in progress photos? I could use a bit of enthusiasm to get out in the garage, it's a tad hot still. (HTML code for the piccies, for those who are still wondering how...)

Let's see if we can encourage each other.

Posted: 07:03pm 11th July, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: RE Project Bikes
Frame fresh from powdercoaters.

Engine fresh from a box in a shed behind an Indian take-away in Nottingham.

Mmm. Sludge. With big end sprinkles.

Less sludge.

A small mortgage in 2 carbdoard boxes.

Old and new.


Less Grim.

Becoming motorcycle-shaped

It's HOW BIG?!

Crank in.

Big piston.

End float

Engine in.

I'm a sucker for white clocks.

Alloy flasher brackets.

And here we will leave it. I pick up a whole load of bracketry from the powdercoaters on Saturday which includes the gearbox plates, then I can really start throwing it together.
Posted: 09:21pm 11th July, 2018
Adrian Subject: RE Project Bikes
Splendid! That's the sort of thing. 612 kit?

Posted: 10:12pm 11th July, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: RE Project Bikes
Aye, 612 kit. And a couple of absolute basket case bikes resurrected. One of which is already back on the road in standard form and the other is this one.
Posted: 11:47pm 11th July, 2018
Sticksy Subject: RE Project Bikes
Very nice, thank you for sharing. Good stuff!
Posted: 10:42am 12th July, 2018
enfield_trials Subject: RE Project Bikes
Good work keep it up .. inspire me for my project thanks again regards
Posted: 06:24pm 15th July, 2018
Adrian Subject: RE Project Bikes
OK, my turn. This one might cause a bit of upset.

With ASBO14 still not finished, my sanity was brought further into question when I er... heard the pile of Electra-X engine bits calling out for a frame... OK, you win.

First job was to get an engine together, at least the bottom end. Cue spare set of crankcases with broken cam follower, this being an excuse to try a few modifications. First of all I'm probably not the only one who struggles with getting reliable oil dipstick readings depending on whether the tide is in or out, so to speak, so a sight glass seemed like a good idea for practical reasons as well as a bit of retro cool. For this not to spew oil out of the top will need a well-ventillated oil tank. I have a plan. The other change was to ditch the snap-happy AVL cam followers for a set of proper ones from a classic Bullet. That's outside of my level of skills and equipment, fortunately Bullet Whisperer in sunny South Wales was well capable. I also had a previously rebuilt 350 AVL crank (rebalanced for an Electra-X) piston lying around, so I got him to fit this with a nice new set of mains while he was at it. A set of plain cam follower spindles was added for something less to have to keep adjusted.


The frame, purchased from our hosts, was originally from a '62 Bullet. That got shipped off for blasting and powder coating black. Swinging arm is Indian Bullet, which will fit the Redditch frame with an Interceptor spindle and thrust washers, plus a couple of spacers to get everything lined up with a pair of slightly modified Hagon shock absorbers, to allow for the Indian swinging arm being slightly narrower.

Engine plates and a centre stand were available, as well as my old Electra's right-foot 5 speed gearbox, so it was time to think about running gear. I wanted a disk brake on the front, so what forks to use? Early leading axle C5 UCE forks, unlike modified drum brake forks, are designed to cope with the disk brake stresses better but still take traditional style-mudguard stays. Early versions with the threaded stanchion tops also screw straight into Redditch alloy yokes like the cut-down vesion I would be using. Thinking about wheels, I COULD have used my old Electra-X wheels, but hey, I fancied something different. Thank you for reading this far.


I also managed to bag some nice tin/fibreglass ware. The side panels were meant for the bike that never was, the Interceptor Series 3 (OK, there are a couple of prototypes that survive).


The idea was for a Matchless-alike front end look with a separate Lucas MCH61 headlamp shell with the speedo inside, but have you seen the price of even a used example lately? Still, MZ headlamps are a bit cheaper, I found one that uses a standard 7” headlamp unit, and a flanged bezel chronometric speedo fits perfectly – as our American friends say, who knew?

DSCN7580.jpg Time to start assembly:


Nice unicycle!


This one's intended as a tourer, hence the pannier frames.


The Goldie stainless front guard from Autocycle Engineering looks better than the Armours 21” version. I've decided I will be using a normal 7” Lucas-oid headlamp instead, though I'm keeping the chrono, it's going in the cafe racer top yoke off my old Electra-X. The bike is still not finished as I got married last year and had to finish ASBO14 off once I got back into the garage, but hopefully it will be ready by the end of the year.


Posted: 06:18pm 16th July, 2018
mart Subject: RE Project Bikes
a few pics of my 500 Indian Bullet/Crusader trials bike project. Ali barrel, Indian rear hub, 1/2 width Redditch front hub, 21"/ 18" Ali rims and forks supplied by Adrian! DSCN3513 DSCN3680 DSCN3691 mount_2 mount
delete my account
Posted: 03:56pm 18th August, 2018
Adrian Subject: RE Project Bikes
Looks like it's coming together well, how hard was it to get the rear chain/sprocket alignment sorted, Mart?

Posted: 09:50pm 18th August, 2018
mart Subject: RE Project Bikes
it was easy- when the engine is tight against the lower right frame tube/mount ( using a 3mm thick engine plate ) it was spot on for chain alignment. I had to make a 5mm spacer for the left side.
Posted: 09:14am 19th August, 2018

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