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Euro 4

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Euro 4
Started at 06:35pm on the 1st August, 2018 by jenks
jenks Subject: Euro 4
Evening,can anyone guide me as to what sort of performance I can expect with this machine,1500 miles on clock,standard trim. Thanks
Posted: 06:35pm 1st August, 2018
papasmurf Subject: Euro 4
What machine? We aren't psychic.
Posted: 06:44pm 1st August, 2018
jenks Subject: Euro 4
Sorry,hard day. Standard 500 bullit Cheers Jenks
Posted: 07:25pm 1st August, 2018
Exile Subject: Euro 4
Interesting conception. "Bullet" and "performance". Hmmmm...

Please, form a queue gents...
Posted: 08:20pm 1st August, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Euro 4
From the one I rode earlier this year, it should sit at a comfortable 65mph with a pillion/luggage all day long and only slow down on the steepest of hills or strongest of headwinds. It'll sit at 70 but will feel a bit less comfortable doing so for a long period, a bit vibey. It'll do 80 if pushed.

Handling is pretty respectable, much more ground clearance than the older bullets because the mainstand sits higher, you can throw them around quite well, neutral balance and good road manners, nothing unexpected. Brakes are adequate.
Posted: 02:31pm 2nd August, 2018
Spiller Subject: Euro 4
Very pleased with Avon Road Rider tyres. Can scratch. K&N air filter, reverse cone Mega and Power Commander improve acceleration a lot but do nothing for top speed. Yours may need a few more miles on the clock to reach potential. Hitchcocks sell those parts.
Posted: 03:32pm 2nd August, 2018
sofiaspin Subject: Euro 4
It was clear to me what machine as it was in your headline. Stinkwheel sums it up well. I have Hosts open exhaust system and KandN filter AI removal kit and PcV. Dynod max rear wheel bhp 23.85. almost a flat torque curve across all gears. A bit vibey but pulls well.
Posted: 02:30pm 3rd August, 2018
ric Subject: Euro 4
When the Euro III was a current model and on sale in the Uk the top speed was listed as 83mph, which is the same speed shown on my GPS unit when the Rev limiter cuts in on my stock bike (TPS adjustment and LEDs aside).

Unless I’ve not been paying attention I don’t think they list the top speed for the current Euro IV models.
Posted: 08:30pm 5th August, 2018

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