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Headlamp Operation

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Headlamp Operation
Started at 06:00pm on the 2nd August, 2018 by The Late Lord Lucan
The Late Lord Lucan Subject: Headlamp Operation
Good afternoon everyone, Hopefully this will be a simple question for some. Please be patient & understanding, I’m neither a mechanic or an auto electrician, so the issue I have has left me slightly stressed & probably at the point where I can’t see the wood for the trees if that makes sense. I’ve been putting my Enfield back together this last day or so. I had to strip the front end to replace the headstock bearing & attend to a few other issues. Now when I stripped it down, it all looked very straight forward & simple to put back together, but, as with most good plans, I got dragged away from it & it’s been over a year since I started. Consequently, that simple wiring setup now just looks like a plateful of spaghetti. I’ve managed to get all the bits back up & running with the exception of the headlamp. I have two, possibly three plugs spare that will fit the plug on the headlamp assembly. The obvious choice is a plug that fits perfectly & the wire colours match. However, when I plug this in, it does not operate the main bulb. One of the other plugs does, but main beam on permanently (whether the lights are switched on or not). I am not sure what electrical system I have on my bike so trying to refer to any wiring diagrams for a bundle of wires all taped together is very difficult. The bike is a 500 cafe racer & from the pictures I received with the bike, I believe it may have started life as a 2003 ‘Sixty 5’. Electric start with points, not EI. Does anyone know if this system needs the engine running for the headlights to work? It’s been so long since I rode it I really can’t remember! That’s the only thing I haven’t done yet is run the bike up. I also had to repair a badly welded tank & horrendously fitted fuel cap, so I need to be 100% sure that I’m ready before I pour fuel in. My concern with starting it up is that if I do have the wrong plug in that headlight, could I cause any damage (other than blowing the bulb) if I have it wrong? Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated...... Regards, Andy.
Posted: 06:00pm 2nd August, 2018
Aethelric Subject: Headlamp Operation
The sixty-5 does need the engine running for the headlight.
Posted: 12:15am 3rd August, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Headlamp Operation
If it still has the original switches, the "flash" position should work the headlamp with the engine off.

If it's connected up incorrectly, you could potentially have a short-circuit which could cause the fuse to blow or the wiring to melt. Absolute worst case, a vehicle fire.
Posted: 01:18pm 3rd August, 2018
The Late Lord Lucan Subject: Headlamp Operation
Thank you for your input guys. I got the bike started & checked out the remaining plugs & worked out which one it was before plugging in. I was pretty confident I had most of it right but couldn't remember if the engine needed to be running for the headlights. Thank you. Regards, Andy.
Posted: 04:11pm 7th August, 2018

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