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dealers -lost and found

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dealers -lost and found
Started at 03:12pm on the 6th August, 2018 by hagis
hagis Subject: dealers -lost and found
Just found some latest info on dealers in Scotland and we have lost Sandy Bloy of Perth and gained Eccosse motogb in Dundee, good news for me as Eccosse is closer to my home, never good to see a dealer pack in a brand but I believe the problem was that Motogb the importers want the dealers to sign contracts to sell X number of bikes a year and in Scotland that could be hard with a small population and not many customers for Royal Enfields so good luck to Eccosse in Dundee.
Posted: 03:12pm 6th August, 2018
Jamesy Subject: dealers -lost and found
Aye maybe DC thomson could feature a cartoon with either hen or Joe buying a bullet there.
Posted: 11:38pm 6th August, 2018

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