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59 Connie

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59 Connie
Started at 02:17pm on the 10th August, 2018 by Dezzy
Dezzy Subject: 59 Connie
Morning All.just stripped primary inner and outer to renew oil seals and my query is regarding the crankshaft breather bolt which is fitted with a brass bush with a metal disc.I have dismantled this assembly and cleaned and re assembled it but I can blow through the bolt, but I can also suck, surely the logic behind the metal disc is to provide a one way flow, which it isn't. Should I replace the assembly? Thanks all. (Mark!!) metal disc
Posted: 02:17pm 10th August, 2018
calv Subject: 59 Connie
Blank it off. That's what I have done on my Connie
Posted: 02:27pm 10th August, 2018
Tomshayes1 Subject: 59 Connie
I believe our hosts do a replacement bolt without the breather! That's what I had on my 59.. Tom
Posted: 03:32pm 10th August, 2018
Dezzy Subject: 59 Connie
Thanks guys, but my concern then is where is the crankcase pressure to go without a working breather.?
Posted: 07:52pm 10th August, 2018
Revband Subject: 59 Connie
you need all the breathing you can get, if your existing unit is faulty?, replace it.
Posted: 08:50am 11th August, 2018
vince Subject: 59 Connie
Hi, early connies/super meteors do not have the breather bolt but a plain stud to hold the alternator rotor, look at the parts list. The change over seems to be 59/60. Vince
Posted: 10:50pm 11th August, 2018
Colin F Subject: 59 Connie
As Dezzy as asked,how do the the later models breath,RE obviously found the previous 58-'59 breather not up to the job so went to the crankshaft breather,(fitted to the '50-'51 500 twin) so he can't simply close that off without an alternative breather.By the way you can blow and suck through a duck bill,and you can do the same with my 500 twin breather as the 10 thou thick disc has a hole in the center.
Posted: 12:58am 12th August, 2018
Revband Subject: 59 Connie
The early ones without the crankshaft breather used the breather on the top of the crankcase the later twins have a slot cut into the crankcase faces joining the crankcase to the oil tank, the breather then is fed to a union in the oil tank top Enfield stated that this was no longer a breather it was simply an oil drain. The crankcase breather is needed on the later bikes.
Posted: 03:30pm 12th August, 2018
Revband Subject: 59 Connie
That should be crankshaft breather is needed.
Posted: 03:32pm 12th August, 2018

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