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Royal Enfield GB facebook group

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Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Started at 08:42pm on the 4th October, 2018 by Scalyback
Scalyback Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
It's a bit of an advert if you like, but we have a gentleman's ( and ladies) group on facebook.

We have competitions, do advice to owners, help each other out, have ride out announcements... All the stuff that people in the UK and Eire would love.

We are selective in that you need to have a Royal Enfield, regardless of age and live in the UK or Eire. If you think we may be for you, then please come along and see what we do.

Royal Enfield GB

Posted: 08:42pm 4th October, 2018
OldBoy67 Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Well I've tried to join (twice) but the group administrators never replied to authorise membership. I've obviously been given the Black Spot
Posted: 09:07pm 5th October, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Drop the selective.There are many people interested in Royal Enfield's including the elderly and disabled who may have been ex Enfield owners.I am proud to say I had this changed for this very reason to an"allwelcome"on a Kawasaki owners forum a number of years ago.
Posted: 09:50pm 5th October, 2018
Beezabryan Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Perhaps the current political trend for inclusivity is being taken a little too far.
Royal Enfield GB facebook closed group is actually a club and like most clubs has membership requirements as can be seen by merely looking at the page -
Pax vobiscum
Posted: 07:27am 6th October, 2018
RoSy Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
My interaction with social media is zero I belong to none I simply do not need it, this and one other forum is about it. Having to join a social media group to talk Enfields ( yes sir you must actually own an Enfield It's the law) as mentioned a bit closed shop, funny handshake malarky. Thing is whats on facebook thats not on here or MBR as far as Enfields go.
Posted: 08:56am 6th October, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
I believe there are requirements to join the owners club ie. money (membership fee)and you don't need to own an Enfield.However I am only reading the requirments as stated in the original post here.If you don't own an Enfield sodd off.
Posted: 08:59am 6th October, 2018
Bullet Whisperer Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
I like using Facebook , MBR and occasionally the U.S. forum because it is easy to add pictures and videos - I can just about add the odd link here, but can't be doing with all the rigmarole involved for pictures etc. Having my own FB page [Performance Classics], I can see and understand why you are often required to be a 'Member' - in my case I get to decide what posts get on my page and see who wants to join - without that option there would be all sorts of posts and pictures of horrible wrecks nailed together by mainly Indians, but others as well, there are plenty of 'Look at my fantastic bike, Bro' etc posts awaiting approval on my page [no thanks] which will never see the light of day unless they get posted elsewhere. It also helps keep out the weirdos, of which there seems to be no shortage on the net. The internet and a few forums have been a very big help to me and I don't mind having to be a 'member' of some, if required.
Posted: 10:36am 6th October, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
My wife's Facebook is now being bombarded with posts from royal Enfield GB.I never or my wife wanted to be a member.It shows through the technology from this site someone has been able to access her Facebook page.I don't have a Facebook account.Royal Enfield GB is now blocked.I am not interested in people posting pics over their bikes describing how lovely they look.
Posted: 01:16pm 6th October, 2018
Wheaters Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
I cancelled my FB account because of all the unwanted posts it attracted and suspicion I had that information about me was being harvested and delivered to others unknown. I was "poo-poo'd" by a few because I did this but the unwanted adverts and other "in topic" emails soon stopped. Then a few months later, it came out in the press that FB were actually selling personal info. I won't be going back in anytime soon.
Posted: 08:22pm 6th October, 2018
Scalyback Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Hi OldBoy67, Sorry you didn't get in, please give it a go and we'll keep an eye out for you.

Sorry Jamesy no idea how you would be getting posts if you or your wife are not members? Anyway, we love pictures of our bikes!.

We are a bit selective because there are so many royal enfield type groups, Royal Enfield GB, Royal Enfield owners UK, Cast iron Connoisseurs, Royal Enfield Redditch, Royal Enfield cafe racers group, Royal Enfield club Poland, etc. that is why we try to be very British and as many members have commented, we try to be "The last civilised corner of the internet."

Anyway, I need to go check our photo competition results, and get the Sunday cinema spot sorted out...

Scalyback for ever!
REOC 15084

Tabellarius de verbis. Ostensor gaudium
Posted: 08:51pm 6th October, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Three big cheers for Hitchcock's.Theres everything you need here to know about Royal Enfield motorcycles.Its free and open to everyone.Hip Hip Hooray.
Posted: 09:56pm 6th October, 2018
Boxerman Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
I joined the facebook group yesterday and was made very welcome!
Thanks for posting Scaly.

Posted: 08:20am 7th October, 2018
Exile Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Like others here, I've abandoned Facebook. It was getting to be too intrusive and full up with idiotic shared shite...

Thank heavens for this forum. Everything I need is here...
Posted: 11:02am 7th October, 2018
Beezabryan Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Facebook is a tool and like all tools must be used correctly or your knuckles get skinned.
Posted: 02:05pm 7th October, 2018
Scalyback Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Yep, I have been a member of this forum for some years now. It's great. We just offer a chance to diversify.

Somebody mentioned it's free... So is facebook, or you been conned!

Jamesy, I checked. You can't receive Royal Enfield GB posts in your news feed unless you have at least 'liked' the group... Maybe it's one of the other RE groups sending you stuff??

Still, Both on here, the midland bullet riders forum, and the various facebook and other groups all help to add to the RE experience. There are really too many for someone to belong to all, but you pick and choose which you want and leave those that do not suit you.

We got a few famous people as guest members, even one of our hosts is a member (I think they like to keep an eye on us)!

There has been a lot of controversy over facebook. I don't put very many personal details on it, so I am not too worried about what happens, but then everything I do on the internet is recorded by UK gov, every time I walk down the high street, I am on CCTV, and any transaction over £5000 goes to Her Majesty's gov, so I guess that anything that anyone wants to know about me, they pretty much do already LOL! They even record number plates on those blue cameras on the A roads, so no point trying to say you were somewhere, when you had been somewhere else as every car journey that passes one is saved for 3 years (from memory). The Devious LA will sell your personal details to any private parking company that pays them £2-50. Even George Orwell would be shocked.

Still... We like to think we have a good group and people seem to like us. YAY!

Come try us if you are interested, or don't if you have worries about facebook security. Can't say fairer than that!
Posted: 02:15pm 7th October, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
This is photo of my wife's Facebook page and although out of focus you can make out Royal Enfield GB and the post is by a John G Carlton.There was loads more posts.Now you tell me how she got these posts without being a member or putting any likes.This happened after I answered this original post. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posted: 04:14pm 7th October, 2018
Mark M Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Jamesy, that shot of the screen shows a group called Royal Enfield Riders GB not Royal Enfield GB which is a different group. You may be blaming the wrong chap!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 04:47pm 7th October, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that after reading this post someone has somehow been able to access my wife's Facebook account.These groups have all got there fingers in each others pies.
Posted: 05:42pm 7th October, 2018
ric Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Surely no uses anything other than temporary email addresses and made up names and incorrect contact info along with a regular change of IP address for any of these data mining sites these days.
yours sincerely Abraham Lincoln.
Posted: 06:12pm 7th October, 2018
Jamesy Subject: Royal Enfield GB facebook group
Abe I thought you died with a bullet to the head 153 years ago.Its good to see your alive and well.
Posted: 09:49pm 7th October, 2018

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