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Completely Conkers!

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Completely Conkers!
Started at 10:38am on the 8th October, 2018 by macg4
macg4 Subject: Completely Conkers!
Anyone else having the odd "moment" riding over crushed conker shells recently.They're worse than black ice, and always seem to gather on adverse cambers.Something else to add to the litany of hazards found on our "unique" British Highways..
Posted: 10:38am 8th October, 2018
Adrian Subject: Completely Conkers!
Not to mention the acorn hazard...
Posted: 11:07am 8th October, 2018
Wheaters Subject: Completely Conkers!
There's nothing worse than crushed conkers.
Posted: 12:06pm 8th October, 2018
Mark M Subject: Completely Conkers!
There are loads outside my garage so I don't even make it as far as the road before I have a heart-stopping moment! I filled half a re-cycling wheelie bin last week and there are at least as many again. In previous years the local kids have collected many of them but sadly another outdoor pastime seems to have succumbed to the indoor pleasures of social media.

REgards, Mark
Posted: 12:29pm 8th October, 2018
Presto Subject: Completely Conkers!
How many 'local kids' would it take to thread up half a re-cycling wheelie bin of conkers?

Com to that: are conkers eligible for re-cycling?
Posted: 01:13pm 8th October, 2018
Mark M Subject: Completely Conkers!
True Presto, but believe me it helps. Some of the older villagers have told me that at the outbreak of WW2 they were instructed to collect conkers as raw material for a local explosive works and apparently this is true, but only for a short period before a chemical alternative was available. As for the recycling they've always taken the bin (and they do leave stuff they don't approve of!) but there are reasons I half fill it, it's too heavy if full and I can cover the conkers with leaves as you get quite a few of those as well!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 01:26pm 8th October, 2018
beamish Subject: Completely Conkers!
I work as a volunteer on the Shipley Glen Tramway (google it and visit - it's a delight!) and kids up there were selling conkers at 20p each to gullible passers-by and doing good business. How daft at a time of exceptional glut! But then again, is this the flowering of the entrepreneurial spirit that will make this Country great again? Anyway their profits were being quickly re-invested in our traditional sweet shop, and thus going to a good cause! By the way I park my very unremarkable EFI at the top station. For some reason it is a conversation piece and occasionally photographed. I even got a request to start it up the other week!
Posted: 05:39pm 8th October, 2018
ericpode Subject: Completely Conkers!
In my area a major hazard at harvest time is wheat. Often found on country road bends. Being so small and able to roll beneath tyres it's prbably worse than conkers.
Posted: 06:03pm 8th October, 2018
Mark B Subject: Completely Conkers!
In Nepal the farmers spread all their millet across the hairpin bends in the hills to be threshed by the tyres of passing trucks. Reeeaally not fun when you're riding a Bullet!
Posted: 01:01pm 12th October, 2018

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