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Started at 07:38pm on the 9th October, 2018 by NEV
NEV Subject: Exhaust
Hi everyone! Has anyone got recommendations for a freeflowing exhaust for a standard spec 2004 iron barrel Sixty-5? I'm looking at Hitchcocks 50's style 200087. I'm just finishing a top end overhaul(OE tune) & am looking for a small power increase.
Posted: 07:38pm 9th October, 2018
Chris [Stockport] Subject: Exhaust
I've got one on my Bullet 500 and like it a lot. I had the same one previously and when it finally rusted up I got the same again. I had to make a little bracket, about 1-1/2 inches long to make the first one fit . It looked fine. But the second one went straight on.
Posted: 07:54pm 9th October, 2018
NEV Subject: Exhaust
Thanks Chris, did you use the included baffle? not too loud?
Posted: 07:57pm 9th October, 2018
Adrian Subject: Exhaust
I'd recommend the Indian "short bottle" silencer, out Hosts have these under part number 91050, though for some reason they no longer stock the longer exhaust pipes to go with them, but you can still get the pipes from India.

At their best these are like the old-school silencers, a nice blat without being too loud, unlike most of the straight-through offerings. Be aware that quality varies according to manufacturer, as does the amount of baffles within.

Posted: 10:22pm 9th October, 2018
Chris [Stockport] Subject: Exhaust
Yes, I used the baffle. What's good, is that you can very easily bend the innards to suit what you want. Do a bit at first and then a bit more if required. See how it goes.
Posted: 09:24am 10th October, 2018
NEV Subject: Exhaust
Oh ok Chris, so do you bend the flutes out/open to decrease back pressure & close them to increase back pressure? Whats it like just left out or simply installed as is? My Mikcarb is suitably rejetted for a free flow silencer
Posted: 09:54am 10th October, 2018
Chris [Stockport] Subject: Exhaust
Getting a bit technical for me now!
I just bent them about half way and it sounded good!

Perhaps there's soomeone else on here more specific.... Or maybe just do it a bit at a time till it seems right. (I didn't do anything to the carb). It runs nicely.
Posted: 11:33am 10th October, 2018
Presto Subject: Exhaust
The baffle - however the tangs are bent - will make virtually no difference to carburation. And to be fair will not make any major difference to the volume of sound - other than to take the edge of some of the 'bark'. A far greater difference to sound will be made by the thing fitted to the right hand side of the handlebars!
Posted: 01:00pm 10th October, 2018

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