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Replacing fork gaiters

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Replacing fork gaiters
Started at 05:22pm on the 10th October, 2018 by beamish
beamish Subject: Replacing fork gaiters
A split gaiter needs replacing as part of the Autumn overhaul of my '09 Electra EFI. I've listed the parts that I need and read up on the procedure in readiness. It seems to me that I will need "Fork main tube spanner - part no. ST25108" shown on page 275 of H's catalogue. Do you, esteemed reader, agree, and do you have any other helpful tips please? Thank you.
Posted: 05:22pm 10th October, 2018
PeteF Subject: Replacing fork gaiters
The tool is just a hex bar so you might already have something that will do. 1/2" from memory. Don't get caught out turning it the wrong way; it's a right hand thread on the fork tube but you're undoing it from the "wrong" end so it's clockwise to loosen. Ask me how I know😀
Posted: 05:34pm 10th October, 2018
Wheaters Subject: Replacing fork gaiters
I confirm a 1/2" hex bar is needed to remove and replace the fork legs. After the cap is removed (large flat bladed screwdriver needed for that), the hex bar is located in the hexagon recess in the top of the fork leg itself and then wound down from the internal thread under the headlight casquette (clockwise to loosen, as already mentioned). The official tools sold for this job are expensive for what they are. Being a cheapskate I bought a 30mm length of mild steel hex bar off eBay for about a fiver and then used an adjustable spanner to turn it. On my 350, once the leg was loosened slightly I was able to unwind it by hand-grabbing the fork stanchion itself. Don't forget to slacken the bolts on the lower yoke.
Posted: 06:30pm 10th October, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Replacing fork gaiters
Being the cheapest-skate. I take one of the fairly long M8 flanged bolts out of the bottom yoke clamp (which you have to undo anyway), lock two nuts on it and wind the fork leg out using that and a 13mm socket. The head of an M8 hex bolt being 13mm across the flats and therefore fitting perfectly into the hole and the flange preventing it dropping all the way through.

Posted: 06:51pm 10th October, 2018
Wheaters Subject: Replacing fork gaiters
I should have written "30cm", not 30mm!
Posted: 07:01pm 10th October, 2018
vince Subject: Replacing fork gaiters
Hi, or use the hexagonal footrest bar as the tool! Vince
Posted: 07:05pm 10th October, 2018

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