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Tyre Choice

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Tyre Choice
Started at 05:01pm on the 11th October, 2018 by Andy C
Andy C Subject: Tyre Choice
Looking for tyre recommendations for 19" rims as fitted to my Bullet. My favourite tyres are currently Avon Roar Riders, but they seem to be unvailable in 19". Wondering what people here are using - I like ride it fairly hard so I want a decent performing tyre. TT100's are a no no, I simply dont like them. That being the case choice seems fairly restricted Avon Road Runne perhaps. Thanks.
Posted: 05:01pm 11th October, 2018
Mark M Subject: Tyre Choice
You could try the Bridgestone Battlax range. I run these on my everyday BMW R100RT and really like them for grip (wet and dry) and reasonably long life. I bet you'd get a lot more miles on a lighter bike like the Bullet too. They look (and behave) very similar to the Roadriders which I have on my Mk2 Interceptor.

REgards, Mark
Posted: 05:13pm 11th October, 2018
Adrian Subject: Tyre Choice
I seem to be able to get AM26 RoadRiders in 3.25 x 19 front and 100/90 x 19 rear OK, whereabouts are you? Our hosts list 90/90 and 100/90 in 19", or you could try here:

Posted: 06:44pm 11th October, 2018
NEV Subject: Tyre Choice
I bought Roadriders in 19inch for my old Bullet too & very good they are too.
Posted: 08:50pm 11th October, 2018
Jojje Subject: Tyre Choice
I've had several sets of Heidenau K34:
Posted: 08:36am 12th October, 2018
Andy C Subject: Tyre Choice
Nev. Plumped for Road Riders - didnt realise they were available in the right size. I have been using these for years on other bikes and as you say they are very good.
Posted: 03:27pm 14th October, 2018
JTL Subject: Tyre Choice
Hi Andy C hope it's ok to use this thread to ask Jojje a question about his experience with the Heidenau K34 tyre for a Bullet. I have been using Roadriders ever since I took off the factory tyres. They are great tyres for my riding style; they wear out too fast, but have the dry and wet grib I want. So my question is: does the Heidenau K34 deliver sort of the same tyre qualities for when I push my Bullet close to the limit? I know the Roadrider (it's a first choise), but I would like to try another tyre, that matches the look of my Bullet a little more... regards Jacob
Posted: 02:05pm 15th October, 2018
Nico Subject: Tyre Choice
Hi Andy, I have run - Avon Road Rider 100/90-19 rear - Bridgestone BT45 3.25-19 front for quite a while and found them to be an extremely good for the sort of riding I do (keeping up with my mates on modern bikes:-)) However, if you do hard riding, you will wear them out fairly quickly. In my case, both will be worn out within 5000kms=3-3500mls usually. The BT45 will be worn down on the sides, the Avon more evenly on the circumference. That's the price that comes along with the fun. However, I spend more money and work to keep the rest of the bike to the standard required to have that fun, so I won't compromise on the tyres. Cheers Nico
Posted: 06:36pm 15th October, 2018
skidmarks Subject: Tyre Choice
Hideneau sorry about spelling 3.25x19 K34, a nice vintage style tyre that works perfectly
Posted: 12:24am 25th October, 2018
Jojje Subject: Tyre Choice
JTL: My Electra was equipped with Avon AM26 when new in 2005. I dare say these Heidenau tires are as good. Scrape the asphalt with central stand now and then in tight corners - even with new rear shocks. Back tires last about 7000-8000 kms - and I weigh over 200 pounds. I didn't like the look of low-profile tires either.
Posted: 07:01pm 25th October, 2018
JTL Subject: Tyre Choice
Jojje and Skidmarks... thanks for info on the Heidenau K34. This makes it easier for me to buy another brand of tyres. I'm very happy about the RoadRiders, but have grown a little tired of the too modern look on my bike. Never the less the RoadRiders have provided me with loads of fun riding and I don't want to miss out on that, so I'm glad to know the K34 is an adequate alternative... regards Jacob
Posted: 09:20pm 26th October, 2018

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