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con rod damege

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con rod damege
Started at 10:19am on the 12th October, 2018 by Perorec
Perorec Subject: con rod damege
hi, it looks like con rod on my iron cast bullet sixty5 is damaged. Second time!!! First time it was damaged after 16000kms because oil spindle was damaged and there was no oil flow. Now, 20000kms after it is damaged again but now oil spindle is ok and oil circulates. Do you have any ideas why it happened? thx
Posted: 10:19am 12th October, 2018
Adrian Subject: con rod damege
What sort of damage is it? Can you post some pictures? It might help with the diagnosis!

Posted: 12:40pm 12th October, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: con rod damege
If it has any score or scratch marks, these can develop into cracks, particularly on high-revving engines. Be very careful and think about changing it for a new one.
Posted: 10:40pm 12th October, 2018
Adrian Subject: con rod damege
Might be an idea to work out an eliminate the cause of it before fitting another replacement, or it will be another rod damaged. A.
Posted: 11:46pm 12th October, 2018

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