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Clutch related matters

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Clutch related matters
Started at 04:06pm on the 28th October, 2018 by John R
John R Subject: Clutch related matters
I'm looking to try to do some sorting-out of my clutch in the near future. It's very heavy at the moment and I think that the plates and basket may need to have developed burrs which are contributing to this. I was also thinking of fitting the clutch improvement kit that moves the springs out from the centre at the same time. Has anyone any experience of using this? Do you gain anything?
Posted: 04:06pm 28th October, 2018
John L Subject: Clutch related matters
John R - Clutch will still be heavy if the problem is related to its actuation (cable/levers/adjustment, etc.) Never mind - at least you'll have a lighter wallet.....
Posted: 01:04pm 4th November, 2018
ric Subject: Clutch related matters
If you have the Albion box, with a COLD engine slacken off the clutch cable and then set the clutch arm so there’s about 1mm of movement at its tip, ie so it just clears the outer cover when fully out. This will give you maximum mechanical advantage resulting in a lighter clutch lever action at the handlebars. Then adjust the cable leaving minimal slack but not enough to pull the arm onto the threaded adjuster. Take the opportunity to oil the clutch cable if it needs it :) Removing the burrs from the clutch basket will reduce any notchiness felt at the bars, beneficial but not the solution.
Posted: 01:44pm 4th November, 2018
PO51UHD Subject: Clutch related matters
The biggest single thing that improved my heavy clutch was re-routing the cable to avoid sharp bends...
Posted: 05:24pm 4th November, 2018

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