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Airflow fairing

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Airflow fairing
Started at 11:38pm on the 4th November, 2018 by David S.
David S. Subject: Airflow fairing
Hi - I'm about to start restoration of my Airflow Super Meteor Minor Delux. When I got the bike it had no fairing and the front mudguard was damaged. I need info on how the mudguard was fitted to the bike - mine was fitted using some spacers to the bottom fork brace but was quite flimsy - I can't seem to find any drawings of the fittings. Can anyone help? also fittings for the fairing. Cheers Dave
Posted: 11:38pm 4th November, 2018
enfield49 Subject: Airflow fairing
There is a fairly flimsy piece of angle iron attached to the pinch bolts,. If you have the original fork stem you will find the bottom plugged , there is a threaded hole in this plug which takes a bolt which is passed through the mudguard with suitable large washers and stiffens the assembly. For the fairing you need an alloy casting from the headstock and extended engine mounting bolts. \\\\graham
Posted: 05:51pm 6th November, 2018
David S. Subject: Airflow fairing
Thanks Graham,I have the angle iron but didn't know where it attached - it is the original fork stem so I will check for the hole.
Posted: 06:41pm 6th November, 2018
Scalyback Subject: Airflow fairing
Is it a Super Meteor (700cc) or a Meteor Minor De Luxe (500cc)?

The fitting is probably the same in either case, click on the following link, scroll down to Kevin's Corner and below that is a pdf of the airflow fitting instructions. Hopefully, that will help...

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Scalyback for ever!
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Posted: 07:40pm 6th November, 2018

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