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Connie barrels

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Connie barrels
Started at 01:57pm on the 8th November, 2018 by Dezzy
Dezzy Subject: Connie barrels
Hi all. This is a follow Up to my posting earlier in the year. My Connie has scored bores, and is already fitted with +30 pistons. I have approached a few re_sleeving companies. Those interested in doing the work say custom made liners will be required, and the cost for the work exceeds the price of new ones from our hosts! Other companies have declined the job. Has anyone out there had a similar experience and found a reasonable solution because I would prefer to retain the original barrels. Honing has proved ineffective. Thanks in advance. Dez
Posted: 01:57pm 8th November, 2018
Wayne Subject: Connie barrels
You do know that Mr H does oversize pistons out to plus 80 ? surely the bores will clean at plus 40 or 60 at tops ?
Posted: 02:06pm 8th November, 2018
Dezzy Subject: Connie barrels
Thanks Wayne. Unfortunately the Pistons fitted are +60, and not +30 as stated. Typo error!!!!?
Posted: 02:51pm 8th November, 2018
ric Subject: Connie barrels
might be worth giving a try
Posted: 03:02pm 8th November, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: Connie barrels
Way out of my depth on engineering knowledge here but how similar are they to 350 bullet liners (just I see they use 350 bullet pistons)? If they are the same, could the liners be pressed out of a couple of 350 barrels and re-fitted to yours? Or if the bullet ones are bigger, could they be machined down to fit?
Posted: 04:45pm 8th November, 2018
Mark M Subject: Connie barrels
Mr H has liners but they are not listed. They were intended for the alloy barrel project. Interceptor Std is Connie +40 so you'll have to start there. Call Hitchcocks tomorrow and ask. REgards, Mark
Posted: 05:38pm 8th November, 2018
Marko Subject: Connie barrels
Paul Henshaw (aka the Bullet Whisperer) at Performance Classics has had barrels resleeved by a company local to him. Also T&L Engineering in Bedford did some triumph twin barrels a while back for me. For my Connie though which was on +060 & also had some broken fins I opted for mr H's new ones & am very happy with them ;)
Posted: 01:33pm 9th November, 2018

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